Democrat op-ed proposes "vote reparations"

So this is a good idea?

That’s exactly what this proposal is.

Yes. Because only conservatives oppose it. Liberals either support it or remain silent.

Sure. It would require verification just like any other reparations program

Do you need to show you are a Democrat or republican when casting a vote now? I imagine this verification would happen before you cast a ballot.

Personally, no. But I understand the premise. All reparations are essentially a correction to centuries long government mandated oppression.

To vote in the primaries, absolutely.

And what’s black enough to be able to have your vote count twice? This I’m dying to hear.

Not sure what your question is… “black enough” huh

Interesting observation. We have lots of libs here trying to shoot the messenger or diminish the good professor as just-one-guy … But not much condemnation of the idea itself.

Things like this start as a whisper. From just-one-crazy guy. But eventually become mainstream in the leftist spheres. Look at some of the crazy stuff Crazy Bernie used to endorse, and how it has now permeated the Democrat mindset. Or how global warming used to be limited to a coven of tree huggers, but now threatens to hamstring our economy – if not the global economy.

Reparations is not something new. But “vote reparations” is. I wonder if it is getting floated so that political defense are thinned from the call for financial reparations so that, compared to this unconstitutional idea, financial reparations won’t look so bad after all…

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“Taught” :rofl:

One whack job journalist.

Who is a professor.

What are the requirements for being able to cast a vote that counts as two? Will you have to stand against a skin chart? DNA testing and analysis? Just say you want a ballot that counts as two?


I’ve stated that I don’t think it’s a good idea.

This idea may grow in support over time… I don’t know. However the OP is making statements as if it is already mainstream. That’s my second problem with it (the first being that it isn’t a good idea)

You obviously have never heard of ideas are slave reparations until this post.

Slaves reparations, in the US, would only be given to verified descendants of slaves. No skin color chart… no requesting to vote black without verification.

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How long would this go on? Forever?

Except that’s not what he’s saying.

Because white votes currently count more than Black ones, double-counting Black votes would restore electoral balance.

It’s illegal. No court would let this imaginary never-law pass. Simmer down.

Oooooh! Wow!

Who is opposed?

I don’t understand why you think your quote addresses these questions