Democrat op-ed proposes "vote reparations"


  1. every member of the party of Andrew Jackson gets to march the trail of liberalism
  2. every square inch of land goes back to the tribes

No. Do you think so? I’d vote against him because I’m a Dem though.

Any chance you will answer the question?

What “career or acacademic ramifications” would you suggest for the high crime of proposing such an idea?

Might be talking about the electoral college and the weight it gives states with 88%+ white populations.

This “proposal” does not seem to be a Democrat idea. Unless you believe 1 professors proposal automatically a part of the Democrat policy.

If this ever hits congress, then let’s have a conversation about how the Democrat party supports this.

Right now it’s a pipe dream idea from one person

Did you hear? Republicans support instituting martial law to sieze voting machines and rerun the election.

Yes and the law professor who authored the piece looks like he would be on Biden’s short list for nominations to pack the Supreme Court.

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Proposing an idea such as this for discussion should have ramifications? Was he teaching this in his course? Even if he was, the students wouldn’t be a captive audience, they could just drop it.

That is totally stupid. You mean Hispanics don’t get a double vote?

Hmm why would Native Americans and Black people be the only race’s included in this reparations idea? Hmmmm

Yes. Yes I do. Because the people who suggest that some people deserve two votes are bigots. And want to rig the system to make it impossible for their candidates to ever lose. Every racial idea promoted by liberals is dumber than the previous one. Just when you think they cannot possibly out stupid themselves, they come of with this.


1 professor proposes something and automatically it’s “liberals” who want it. If it is true, someone can point me to the grow swell of support of a such an idea.

Shouldn’t kooks and crazies be ostracized? Marginalized? You must really like Alex Jones. This is his level of crazy.


No, republicans don’t support it.

Oh, so blacks just aren’t getting their way on everything. Why don’t more blacks move to those states if they want to run everything?

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Only if they can prove African or native American ancestry I guess.

Elizabeth Warren would get two votes as well if Democrats restore their one-drop rule.

Interesting follow up then… as a senator, would her vote count as two for legislation? Would black representatives and senators’ votes count as two in their respective chambers?

Wait… if this were to be implemented wouldn’t they have to ask your race when you’re casting your ballot? That would mean you have to show ID every time you vote. The liberals would never go for that… that’d be racist.

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Not even close.