Debate Committee Want Virtual Debate to Help Senile Joe Cheat

My opinion, they know the drugs they gave him for the first debate might not totally work as good as the first, & they can rig it so they can keep the public from witnessing his befuddlements.

The debate committee is ran by Trump opponents & why they use only Trump opponents to slant the questions each debate, but even that may not help senile Joe enough & they are afraid.

He’s been messing up a lot lately & can’t be covered up much longer, so they hope to shield Biden till the election, not long after which arrogant unlikeable Harris will become the most radical leftist president ever.

The irony of the complaint that Biden might need drugs to get through a debate is lost on no one.


Really? There’s a huge difference between taking viral meds & speed to keep senile Joe awake a couple hours…

Modern American conservatism has deteriorated to aggrieved victimhood.


If it is it will take years to catch up to the left in that regard.

Good grief. This is getting ridiculous.


I stand corrected.

The irony is lost on some.


Is it? Then why are senile Joe’s handlers so scared?

On you.

You’re embarrassing yourself.

Ah… the ole “I am rubber and you are glue” gambit.

Good sir… I have been defeated.

No, the left including you know Joe is losing it & are afraid to let Joe out of the bunker. He needs his hot coco for being a good boy…

It’s as good a response as you gave.

Liberals are process-oriented. Progressives are literally defined by the belief in progress, in the overcoming of wrongs.

Those of us who are actually leftist are mostly either tragic cynics, and disinclined to victimhood, or some kind of revolutionist, and hostile to victimhood.

Stop projecting.

We get it. It’s been a rough week for Trump. But seriously - pace yourself. You may have to keep this level of silliness up for quite some time.

Think marathon, not sprint. :slight_smile:


They have as a constituency every group of victimhood possible. Many invented.

Patient zero leaves shedded virus Around everywhere like a dinosaur leaves footsteps when it walks. Trump is always bragging about his numbers and his numbers cases of the virus causeDdirectly by the events he hosted are skyhigh. I do not blame anyone for not wanting to be near him and his gang of contaminated toadies.

Not victimhood. Actual victims.

The left just want Marxism, no matter what they must destroy to get it. They will ruin the country.

And…there ya’ go, thanks for proving my point.