Dear God........Abortion.......Peter


Actually, I’m pretty ■■■■■■■ far from the foot of that cross.


Want to take any other pot shots at me? Go ahead.


I’m not going to lie, this made me laugh very hard, and is easily in the top 3 things I’ve ever heard on this site that was just mind blowing that you could even ask that! lmao. Seriously? lol.
So uuuuuuuuuum, I think I’m just ganna leave that one alone.
It kinda speaks for itself. lol.


One’s religion should shape their politics, not the other way around.


My morals and logic shape my politics. What I chose to belief religion or spirituality is my choice, and my decision, and shouldn’t be any of your concern.
What shapes your politics?


You must be one swinging cat?


After watching people defend things like torture and the actions of Donald Trump while claiming to be Christian it is obvious that is not the case.


When people look at everything through a political prism it tells me that politics are their real religion.


Everybody’s religion and spiritual beliefs should be respected, and heard.
It’s called freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, and weather you believe in God, are
an Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, or whatever belief wise, that is your given constitutional right to believe what you do!
I find it ironic that Liberals constantly attack people that believe in God. Especially, when they’re supposedly all about equality, and believing in what you want, and choice. But at thee end of the day, it’s only freedom of their choice, and equality for Democrats. If you don’t believe what they do, then you have no rights, and your opinion doesn’t matter, and equality doesn’t matter.


@jwil59 is taggable so I guess he signed up at some point if it’s the same person. What a sweet guy.


Hypocrisy much?

Look at the folks attempting to block the building of mosques or temples. Or those that want to ban face covers and head scarves.


Agreed 100%. I hope he & his family are well.


Why is anything mixed with politics!? lol. When people ask questions like this, it’s usually because they’re clueless.


Atleast you remembered to say Amen after you pray. But then you probably are not out of practice after 10 years. :thinking:


Doesn’t matter what kind of persons the parents were. The babies still inside their mothers and small children were still too young to be wicked and guilty. Thus they were murdered by God even though they’d done nothing wrong.

God is a baby killer.


Everyone has the right to believe what they want. Thats what freedom of religion means.

It doesn’t make you free from not being taken seriously though by those who don’t believe. Take Scientology, another made up religion. Its mocked endlessly by Christians yet its no less fake than christianity or belief in Zeus, Odin, or other man created religions.

I don’t go around to churches yelling atheist stuff at them as they come and go but if we are having a discussion about religion (like here) or they are trying to force their religion on me through captive prayer, laws based on their religion, etc I’m going to speak up. Ironically though christians do show up at my door frequently trying to shove their religion down my throat as they try to convert me? So who is being more respectful, me who ignores them except in the cases I mention or christians who seek out the non believers in the privacy of their own homes?

BTW, I was raised christian but the indoctrination wore off when I reached adulthood and was no longer forced to attend church by parents and could start thinking for myself. So like many atheists I actually do have knowledge of christian religions since I was brought up in it.


“I’m not judging anybody…I’m just asking the great sky daddy to punish people whom I want punished because they think differently from me, but I don’t have the power to punish them. That’s why I’m calling on big sky daddy to do it for me. Cuz it feels good to believe a sky daddy will punish people I don’t like”.

By the way folks…THIS is a big reason many Trump supporters still support Trump…because they’re grooving on the idea that Trump is “punishing libs”.

The cruelty is the point…and we’ve had Trump supporters on these very boards SAY that they want Trump to punish libs before anyone says I’m making a connection that’s not real.


What stopped you from thinking for yourself in church? What would you say was the greatest change in your thinking?


Sounds like someone who read the story of Noah but never studied it.


How many is “many”? How many (or few) support him for different reasons?