Crazy libs going over the edge

Tesla for me.


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That foundation has helped Hillary, Chelsea, and Bill.

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Sounds like some here don’t know the difference between corporate donations and an individual’s donation.

No they aren’t, but I’m well aware that’s the spin that will be made of it.

Your talking points get out quickly.

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Liberal Agenda…

  1. Raise Taxes to make life un reasonable to live in
  2. Give the money to able bodied people who can work but choose not to work to keep a voter base
  3. Raise Business taxes to the highest corporate tax rate in the world
  4. Destroy the healthcare industry
  5. Impeachment
  6. Bringing back a 3.0% GDP economy back to 1.5% when Obama resided as president.
  7. Kill the stock market by inflating it
  8. Kill the housing market by the new taxes they levy.
  9. Bring back terrible EPA regs that kill manufacturing.
  10. Allow so called allies to take advantage of us via trade deficits.

Did I miss anything?


The country of Haiti disagrees with you.

This sums up the whole issue.

I don’t have to agree with the DNC’s positions, but I give them props for sticking to their principles.

Although … wouldn’t taking money from climate-change contributors mean that those donors would have less money to spend on changing the climate?

Just thinking out loud here…

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DNC is broke.

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You’re not including pacs and super pacs.

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. mass hysteria!

Not including them … in what??

I just linked an existing article that says the DNC is broke. If PACS and superPACs have money, that’s their money, not the DNC’s. (At least, not until they choose to give it to the DNC.)

The article says the DNC is broke. If you want to argue with it, you can contact the author who wrote it, or AOL who published it.

so touchy. chill.

OK so it’s 89% O&G contributions going to Republicans. They’re going to forsake $6-8 million in contributions for the 2018 midterms. Oh noes.

A lot of donors, including me, are now giving directly to Democratic candidates. I’m concentrating on the Democratic candidate in Arizona’s Senate Race and the Democratic candidates in three NY Congressional races presently held by an R. As primaries end, I will choose a few more to give my money too.

I also donate to Emily’s List.

But I did just give to the DNCC to get 2018 Blue Wave bumper magnet.

Exactly…nothing more hypocrite then environment weenie drinking water out of plastic bottle.

Likewise the difference between caring about people and accepting their money with the assumption of favors.

I see. You will take money from the peasants but won’t represent their livelihood.

Typical elitist snob.

I went with Zero, no gas, no clutch, and no gear shifting. Im a happy biker :smiley:

Absolutely right, and the same occurs on the “R” side. These umbrella orgs are just overhead (to me), and are apt to do/support something/someone I don’t want to support.

In fact, ditto for charitable umbrellas like United Way. If I want my donation to go to XYZ-org that United Way supports, I may as well send my check directly to XYZ rather than funneling it through United Way and having their overhead costs siphoned off first.