Crazy libs going over the edge


But don’t for get the big one…the really big one in which next couple months I’ll start a thread about it for this election.

And it’s going to be huge…enough to get ever single Trump support out there to vote. :wink:

How am I taking money from “the peasants”? In addition, the DNCC isn’t taking money from them either. People in this country are free to donate money to anyone they want, last I looked.

And who make up those super pacs? Mostly special interest and elitist snobs. :wink:

Yes- you missed the truth.

I have to hnd it to you Conan.

This was a very effective post in turning representing the people on its ear.

Who would have thought someone could come around and say a refusal to represent corporate interests shows that one is “against the little guy”?

The donor class and the corporatists ought to hire you to be their communcations manager.

There is hundreds of thousand of people working in those fields…and special interest/authoritarian party (DNC) refuse to represent em.

One thing these Solar Panel places do not tell you if you get the panels on the roof. Your Local Fire departments will not go up on the roof to vent if you have a fire. Because of the electricity that runs thru them.
My Brother In law is in the Fire department and the head of emergency response for the area.
Not saying not to get Solar but check with your local fire department and home owners insurance.

Conan’s New Populism.

“Refusing to take donations from wealthy corporate interests” = “■■■■■■■■ on the little guy”.

The guy is goooood, people.


And DNC new motto we don’t want people working for a living in energy section…we want em on goverment handouts so they are depended on goverment.

The very same goverment that won’t hesitate to use it’s position as a political weapon. image

I’ll simply refer people to your new motto “If you won’t represent rich corporate fat cats, you’re stomping on the little guy!”

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I think anyone who gives a yearly donation in any amount to any charity and volunteers once a week at any charity or cause does MORE for the world then anything the Clintons did in their lifetime.

Face it. Democrat party wants nothing to do with them…but are willing to take the peasants money thou while they work to destroy their livelihood.

Do what you want…its a free country for now. At least until your kin regain power.

Here’s a Tweet from 5 hours ago from a guy who really hates the Oil and Gas industry,

Donald J. Trump

Verified account

5h5 hours ago
Oil prices are too high, OPEC is at it again. Not good!

9,201 replies 13,861 retweets 59,166 likes
Reply 9.2K Retweet 14K Like 59K

Anybody in O&G reading that from President Biff Tannen is saying “shut your stupid mouth”.

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Lol he’s such a simpleton.

No one can stop you from having an opinion.

So we all agree then, that this is tacit admission by the DNC that “donors” are buying access as opposed to just supporting candidates whose positions they agree with? Yes?

Otherwise, why not take everyone’s money?

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  1. Bake the cake

  2. Gun control

  3. Free university

  4. Government run health care

  5. Guaranteed job for everyone.

Think that about covers it.

And what do you guys think libs will do if they take back the house?

day one will be all gloating