Crazy libs going over the edge

Let’s see how long this “principled stand” lasts.

Just a hunch, but i think they will be accepting donations from them by crook. The DNC CAN NOT afford to pass on such donations.

They will do it the way Hillary does. The donations come from people who WORK for the oil, gas and coal companies. That is how they get around their pledge to not take money from the fossil fuel industry. Or you know, have those companies donate to your “Foundation” instead.

That Foundation has done more to help the world than you could achieve in a thousand lifetimes.

I think that’s a stretch that they “don’t care about those those who,work for the oil and gas industry” because they won’t accept oil money.

I DO believe they are running a huge risk of squandering this opoortunity to at least take back the House.

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Yep…park those cars. Do not get in one of those jets and tell Gore to permanently ground his.

Opensecrets is down, but wheres the risk or big news in this? 95+% of oil and gas industry political contributions already go to Republicans.

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My side!

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How can they set their hair on fire?

Clinton World

well coal That i understand. The faster we get away from coal the better. The other two are here for the time being until we can get a dependable alternative power grid up and running.


They aren’t accepting money from the corporations. Not the people.

" …what we need to do is stop taking money from the institutions that have created this crisis,”

Democrats are now officially standing with the Luddites as opposed to the industrial revolution.

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sterno maybe?

The gelling agent has petroleum in it, I believe. What are you going to light it with?

But what will you get for Christmas then?


a solar roof of my very own.


Will that fit in your stocking? And don’t you need to live where the sun shines?

We’re getting solar panels this summer and Sneaky is going to help me pay for it with the 30% federal tax credit we’re going to get.