Covid in the Campaign II

How did Trump manage to infect Harris’ communication director? Quite a feat.

I’m sure we will see the same superspreader comments in this case.

Hopefully this is as far as it goes.

Thoughts and prayers for rapid recovery for all infected.

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So two people. Compared to … what was the final tally? Like 40+?


Were they being stupid and making light of the virus, or were they taking precautions?

Very infectious viruses tend to spread rapidly. The difference is how you behave.


It’s pretty incongruous to see Trump supporters hoping the virus doesn’t spread to others and wishing everyone well.

Does anyone think mitigation measures are 100% effective?

On what basis do you question my sincerity?

I am not a Trump supporter, I am a policy supporter.

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The difference in what?

Are you saying the virus is going to run its course?


While the article doesn’t give the date of the positive test on Ms. Dillon, it would seem it was in the last 24 hours. The impact has yet to be assessed.

Hopefully it is limited and all concerned recover quickly and fully.

From a recent study amplified by the CDC, we know masks are not in 71% of cases.

Communications Director during a campaign. Probably significant contact with members of the media? As well as anyone speaking on behalf of the campaign?

camela is a well-known super-spreader.

Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery for them and that all involved around them stay safe and healthy.

Thank goodness they aren’t hosting events with hundreds of people massless and hugging, and talking in each other’s faces, or the VP candidate herself might have been infected.


Maybe you’re a secret or “shy” Trump supporter, and you just don’t know it yet.

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Indeed, thank goodness.

Well we might want to compare the responses of the two campaigns to this occurrence and comment on that.

Since the difference is striking.

You could. I doubt that will be of solace to the victims. It would no doubt shift the narrative to Trump though.

This is an odd tack to take…

During a campaign? I disagree. It is understandable for you to do so.

I’m disappointed in the lack of concern for the wellness of Ms. Dillon.

Where do you see or infer lack of concern?