Trump and First Lady tested positive for Covid-19

a vast majority of teh population has not been exposed to H1N1. that is why we are not experiencing an H1N1 pandemic.

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So are all parents derelict if their kids come down with COVID or is that standard reserved for the Trumps?

You just said the lingering effects are not well known, so why would you say that he would be one of the lucky ones if he suffers no lasting consequences? Your concern comes across as phony … intended as criticism of Trump, not really out of any genuine concern for the kid.


If they are attending super spreader events and not taking the most basic of precautions on a regular basis, when they know definitively and have stated definitively their knowledge of how virulent and deadly this plague is, then you better ■■■■■■■ believe it.

Because of the part you skipped or ignored. Where I stated what we do already know isn’t good, with lung scarring, heart damage and brain damage.

Tell me more about what’s in my heart. Go on since you want to pretend to be able to speak to it.

You’re not very convincing. But you have a nice night.

Did that sound sincere?


That’s nice.

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So the media IS asking and some here can stop with the false narrative.

Last I heard, Melania essentially had the sniffles from Covid. Not sure the sniffles needs to be updated daily but I’d imagine if it changed the media would report it.

On what basis do you accuse?

Come now - some will simply downshift.

“Oh, ONE story. Like that counts as coverage? Deep State!”

Good news!

She’s been working really hard for him. :rofl:

Great news…people of Erie Pa will appreciate that.

That is solid blue collar and lots of truckers. :wink:

Not expected to give solo remarks, no other events on her official calender between now and election day.

Glad she’s feeling well enough to make an appearance. :slight_smile:


Great post.

She’s really working hard for him out on the campaign trail.



I wish her all of the best here. The crappy thing about COVID is that even if you survive it, there is a chance of having persistent, lifelong complications that will lessen your quality of life. I pray that is not the case here.

Her chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, said Tuesday that Mrs. Trump continues to feel better every day following her recent recovery from COVID-19 but has a lingering cough.

It’s an excuse. She’s busy packing her bags.

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Here we are 19 months later.

Biden has it.

Biden lacks empathy and never had a plan or did anything any different than Trump.

The virus has weakened itself and runits course.

Trump response was appropriate and Demsmade it a political plaything.

The politics oozes as you survey the rhetoric now.