Trump and First Lady tested positive for Covid-19

My prayers go out to first family.


The next two weeks will be interesting.

I hope Joe was not infested.


Not good for him, he’s high risk. In his 70’s and overweight. He has good health care, though.

Thoughts and prayers. I’d like the President see the election results. Get well soon, Sir.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. Stunned actually.

That’s a lot of people to contact trace who’ve been near him without him wearing a mask.

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First I really hope nobody gets terribly ill after testing positive. Everyone will be watching each step and if they seem ok it would show the high survivability for this disease.

I’m getting tested Wednesday for an upcoming medical procedure and just the thought of positive results is unsettling.


The fact that he comes into contact with hundreds of people a day…I’m somewhat surprised it taken this long.

Also now we have much better treatment for this.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery :raised_hands:


As cavalier as he has been about this, I am not surprised. He really wanted to put this in the rear view mirror for the election. That and the future debates and rally’s are gone now.

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I hope that the president and first lady and the other staff that might be infected will be okay.


I hope they are okay and recover, this is all just ugly. It was just a week or so ago when Trump said he’s not concerned about catching covid at his rallies because he’s far away from all his supporters. Will this give him a new perspective towards everyone that was bundled together, that had covid, that’s lost loved ones? If he doesn’t have symptoms, will he think even less of it? But anyways, recovery.

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His Hydroxychloroquine should do him well.


So what happens…Is Pence in safe place to carry out his duties?

Hopefully this changes his thoughts on the seriousness of COVID. People who lack empathy often need something to happen to them before they understand.

I hope they get through it, but I am saddened at the actions of Trump regarding COVID


They used to say a republican was a democrat who got mugged.


Two people I know, last week tested positive and five days later tested negative. No symptoms.

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If he isn’t symptomatic or sick, I believe he can carry out most duties while quarantined.