Covid in the Campaign II

Absence of well wishes. Focus on shifting the narrative.


At this point, what difference does it make?

As I stated…an odd tack to take.

But I understand why you would want to be off the narrative…which is the transparency and swiftness of action of the Biden/Harris campaign compared to how the Trump Administration tried to keep the West Wing Superspreading event and its aftermath tightly under wraps.

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Still, Harris’ planned trip to North Carolina on Thursday was scrapped, and she will remain off the road until Monday, she said.

Until Monday? Can that be right?

In which post did you express concern for the victims?

Why does that matter?


Meh. Maybe I’m a sociopath.

It’s the cruelty.

Reporters are saying that the campaign gave them a heads up. Unlike chump Chris Christie who found out on the news that his debate partner was a super spreader.

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That’s great! Hopefully they are testing and tracing. That’s the secret.

Nah the cruelty isn’t the point with me.

I’m a benign sociopath. :sunglasses:

Now…any comments as to the swiftness and transparency of the Biden/Harris campaign compared to Trump’s obfuscation?

Or shall we continue to go down the rabbit hole?

No, but some people’s carefully constructed narrative fails if they concede the point.

Kamala travelling? lol

She won’t even go to the Senate floor but hops into an overcrowded packed tight elevator.

Biden has been photographed at events with no mask while not social distancing.


I am concerned for the well being of Ms. Dillon and the unidentified crew member, as well as all who had contact at the moment.

Denying science? Tsk, tsk.

Is there nothing else the government can do?

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It matters.


Folks are being as careful as possible. That doesn’t mean they won’t be exposed or avoid testing positive for COVID.

I really hate that this has been so politicized by politicians. It isn’t helping anyone.

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I agree. We should all be focused on the health of these victims.