Corrupt democrats new campaign slogon

Accuse republicans of what they are doing/done.

We all know they have long history of accusing others for what they do…well now it;s their campaign slogan.

Since their better deal did a massive belly flop they’re desperately trying to find something…anything to run on.

That and they want to push infrastructure spending. Now wait a minute…I thought democrats were willing to work with Trump on that?

Why haven’t they?

And of course they’re going to push their socialized medicine.

But to accuse repugs of corruption…LOL. After seeing what Obama done…no thanks.

We don’t want libs kind of corruption…next time we may not get our country back.


Dems are desperate? It seems they won’t be running on much more than hysteria, but that may be all that’s needed.

Have you been asleep the last few days and missed all the ■■■■ that’s bee happening?

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Ever notice how when Trump gets in hot water he always talks about how Hillary did the same thing, or Obama did just as bad?

OP has it backwards but aptly identifies Trump’s New Republican Victimhood Party to a tea. I know he’s a card carrying member.

They literally hold 0 power in the legislative or executive branches. They can’t force Trump and McConnell and Ryan to work on the legislation. When Trump and Ryan and McConnell decide to bring it up, then we’ll see if Democrats are willing to work with Trump on it. No doubt, however that your precious freedom caucus, which should be out holding Tea Party rallies right now over the debt and deficit spending, will be the ones to hold it up, like always.

But you aren’t asking questions honestly-all you and Republicans are able to do right now, or ever, is blame Dems, even when they don’t hold a single branch of the federal government.

There have been times when bipartisan agreements were refused by Trump. There have been a lot more times where the freedom caucus refused to compromise or budge-that’s almost every time.

You ■■■■ the bed by supporting these idiots, so you get to sleep in it, lib.


It worked in 2010 and 2016.

I haven’t been paying as much attention ATM, lot other stuff on my plate.

so in the last few days you watched zero tv and read zero newspapers, magazines or etc…?

When rabid animals get backed into a corner, they lash out.

Trump supporters are lashing out right now-Trump has ■■■■■■ up pretty bigly this time, and is literally doing some things they were very hard on Obama for doing or wanting to do, so all they can do is start a bunch of asinine threads telling Dems what they think and how scared they are. They’re such broken records-there’s not an original thought in their noodles. They simply rush to the form every day to tell us the thing Rush and Sean told them to be angry about that day.

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Why is that hard to believe?

I know you libs are in middle of total meltdown…have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that.

Spot on. I listen to those guys pretty much daily. I could write verbatim what most these posts are gonna day after talk radio gets done brainwashing the rubes.


You can tell they’re scared when they all come out at the same time starting these dumb threads. There’s another one just like this one:

and this one

Their hair being on fire like this burns so good. It’s the Trump tingle.

Starting rabid, unhinged threads all at the same time while simultaneously calling their opposition rabid and unhinged makes me lol.


Well maybe you should pay attention. Some of the harshest criticism has been coming from the right. Only thing trump has going for him is some Ds sound deranged.

By the way, trump has probably saved Claire’s Senate seat in Missouri thanks to his insane tariffs. A plant there that makes nails is likely to shut down by September thanks to him just in time for the midterms. I’ve seen videos of people who said they voted for him begging him to change course.

I just heard that Oprah Winfrey could beat Trump…laughing my ass off.

Can you imagine here sitting across from Putin? Or Iranians? :rofl:

She couldn’t have done any worse.


Oh sorry…I forgot. Only radical social libs like yourself are allowed to start threads on Hannity forum.

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Trump made an enormous political mistake.

At least sane conservatives know how bad this is. And Rs in Congress are too afraid of the maniac to do anything.


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Repugs are cowards.

This episode will have no effect on the election. People won’t even remember by November.