Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


It wasn’t her apartment. She had no lawful use of force against him period. The only person in this case who would have was the victim.


Who are the prejudiced idiots you’re speaking of?


No, none at all.


You dont even know what you arguing about it seems


Whether you physically cross the threshold it’s a criminal trespass as soon as you unlawfully open a door, window, etc.


Anyone making this a matter of race.


I wonder how this would’ve played out with the 2nd amendment folks if the apartment owner shot and killed the cop for “mistakingly” walking into the wrong apartment?


They would be calling for his head on a platter.


I can’t, which is why as stupid as her story is, I haven’t entirely ruled it out. There was a story a couple of days about about how there had been at least one noise complaint about the victim, but it’s really hard to believe anyone would resort to murder over that. And there is no evidence yet that the two new each other.

But I do believe she’s lying about something. Besides finding it hard to believe she didn’t realize at some point that she was at the wrong apartment, was he really sitting there in a darkened room, did he not shout or say something to her asking what she was doing in his apartment, and was there not enough light from the hallway to realize it wasn’t her place? Those are questions I’ve wondered about.


It isn’t to me, because it raises the issue of her credibility. Plus I find it hard to believe she claimed to have issued commands which he did not obey, but apparently said nothing. That makes no sense either.


What could have been her motive for realizing she was at the wrong apartment and shooting him anyway? What did she think she could gain from that?


Good question. It’s why that although her story doesn’t make any sense there would have to be a motive if she knew she was at the wrong apartment.

Maybe they did know each other and that hasn’t come out yet. Maybe she was the one complaining about noise from his apartment.

We simply don’t know. Only thing is there is a lot to her story that I find hard to believe.


Maybe not.
She realized she was at the wrong apartment as soon as the door opened.
Lights may have been off or on- doesn’t matter.
She saw Jean and out of adrenaline, nervousness and confusion, she fired.

It would still be manslaughter but it sounds a lot worse than her statement does.


Not saying she committed murder. But some murderers kill without a clear motive other than to kill


Settle down. No one has blamed the victim for anything.


Who exactly is putting the blame on him? Cite the posts.


He’d have been perfectly justified in doing so.

The only person with a lawful use of deadly force in this scenario as I’ve said repeatedly was the victim.


Random murders with no discernible motive are pretty well committed almost exclusively by the insane.


@Joanne I’ve disagreed with you soooo many times (I think) but I’m so happy and proud to know you see how ridiculous and senseless this story is :hugs:

Dana Loesche has said he’d still be alive of he owned a gun. But I can’t imagine her saying that if he did, and used it.


The Castle Doctrine in Texas:

_Texas law provides for a justifiable defense at trial when using deadly force if the person claiming self defense:

Reasonably believed the deadly force was immediately necessary;

Had a legal right to be on the property;

Did not provoke the person against whom deadly force was used; and

Was not engaged in criminal activity at the time the deadly force was used._

I believe Guyger and her attorneys will have one hell of a problem proving any of these. Her only defense is “I didn’t know”