Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


What she did caused the door to swing open, whether she used a key card or a crowbar.


That’s weird. I’ve checked weird noises on my porch and outside my doors frequently and I’ve never been shot.


Not until proven otherwise… She said it was dark in the apartment …she saw a figure issued commands then shot


Fair enough then.


What statute does she break by having the door swing open as she put her key into it? Just curious.


Criminal Trespass


Doesn’t seem like it’s trespassing unless she enters.


I thought we were assuming she entered.
Simply opening the door also has to be a crime. I’d have to look to see what it is.
How would you like someone to go around your neighborhood forcing front doors open?


I’m playing devils advocate and seeing how much of the case depends on her entering. Really just trying to see if there’s any possibility she can reasonably claim self defense.


She can’t claim self defense with any of the facts I have heard.
Had she been walking by the door, heard someone screaming “HELP”, went in with gun drawn, the assailant who was beating the hell out of someone, turned a gun on her and she shot him, that would have been self defense.
That’s a long stretch from what happened though.


She opened the door to her apartment, saw someone coming at her in the darkness, feared for her life and pulled the trigger. Self defense.


It wasn’t her apartment, whether she thought it was is irrelevant. She had no right to shoot anyone in that apartment unless she was witnessing a felony.


Lol I started the thread. I’ve been reading and posting in it days before you joined. But


So? Tamir Rice didn’t actually have a gun either but it was legal for the cops to blow him away apparently.


I don’t know who Tamir Rice is/was. I’d have to know the facts of the case to answer that.


You have entered by unlawfully opening a door, window, or other entryway.


Gun or replica it doesn’t matter. Based on the information they had they reasonably believed he had a real firearm and had been threatening people with it.

When they approached he reached to draw it and left them no choice but to either shoot or risk being shot themselves. The officer who did the shooting had no possible chance of getting out of the line of fire and reacted lawfully and appropriately which is why he was cleared of all charges.


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Then you knew better.


I don’t get the answers from prejudiced idiots on the internet. I get the facts from the original sources, form an opinion and then comment.