Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


That’s nothing but your own prejudice at work.


But don’t they do it and try not to get caught? The best she’s going to get out of this is a manslaughter conviction which carries 2-20 years. She’ll get the upper range of that sentence because of the emotion this crime is causing.


Here it is. This is rhe moment myself and countless people were waiting on. Police and the media will ALWAYS find “dirt” to justify the kilking of unarmed and innocent black men. You’re damn right I’m making it about race now, sue me.

Court records obtained Thursday show Dallas police also found, among other things, two fired cartridge casings and 10.4 grams of marijuana in the apartment. The law enforcement officials said the marijuana was on the kitchen counter.


You’ve made every case we’ve ever discussed about race from the start.

Are you asserting that there’s a racial angle to the finding of the casings (most likely from Guyger’s gun) or that they planted the dope?

What’s found at a crime scene is evidence regardless of the races of those involved and always has been.


Don’t bother arguing with me. They released this info just hours after his funeral ended.


Then man up and make your case.


You had to know it was coming. This info was released to taint any potential jury pool. Even though drug use is comparable across racial lines, black people who use drugs are automatically labeled thugs. It’s a disgusting ploy.


You guys are hilarious. You would rather the cops do a dishonest investigation and conceal things they found than be honest. No the marijuana has no bearing on the whys of this case but its still something that was found.


Think about the last time you were looking for your keys, glasses, cell phone, or some such object for a minute or two only to realize you had them in your hand the whole time or in the case of glasses up on your head. How you could not have realized they were there the whole time? They were right there in your hand or on your head but you didn’t know they were there.

Its called being distracted and it happens to everyone. No one knows what was on her mind as she walked down the hall but her but its obvious she was distracted and not paying attention to things since she drove to the wrong floor so still being distracted as she walks down a hall is nothing.


You guys are hilarious. You’d rather pretend you don’t know the real reason why the info about the marijuana was released, rather than admit there’s an ulterior motive here. Play dumb, it’s no skin off my back.


The fact that you could equate not being able to find your cell phone to walking into someone’s house and killing them is the textbook case of apples and oranges. The fact that you think the two are even remotely comparable is laughable at best. I ordered lunch today, not remembering that I packed my lunch this morning. Simple mistake. I wasn’t stupid enough to pull into my neighbor’s driveway when I got home, even though we live in townhouses and they all look the same.


Lets say they cover up the fact that illegal drugs were found in the apartment. Now think about what kind of huge hole that would give the cop’s defense liar, er lawyer, in the trial. He’ll start planting seeds like “if the cops hid this then what else did they hide?” It would create volumes of reasonable doubt.

I’m not defending the cop except to say that I think this was a tragic though negligent accident for which she will be held accountable. I just rail against the idiocy of anyone suggesting this was premeditated or racial. If she was going to do this purposely as some say don’t you think she would have come up with a better story. All she would have to do is say the guy saw her in uniform and asked her come up to his apartment for some police reason. Then he once he’d lured her there he tried to sexually assault her which led to her having to shoot him. Many would probably buy that under the whole “scary black guy” trope. Instead she gave a story that pretty much condemns her which is why I find it so credible and most certainly the truth.


Try reading what I was replying to. I was commenting on how she could not notice the red rug. Thats it.

But your so desperate to twist facts to suit your bias you probably won’t.


What are you thinking? An attempt to paint the victim as a drug crazed lunatic to better support her self defense claim? Or to simply try to dehumanize the victim? Either way, she’s not getting away with this. I’m not even sure what people are debating at this point. Other than what is the charge that best suits.


We learned what Botham Jean allegedly had in his house before we learned what Amber Guyger had in her system via toxicology report.

Let that sink in…


That doesn’t surprise me in the least. One is more readily available.


One is more readily expedient in advancinf a narrative and influencing the grand jury as well. Jean was the victim here and they secured a warrant to search his apartment within 7 hohrs of his death. I haven’t heard a word about them searching Guyger’s apartment.


Yep, it certainly is ridiculous and senseless. I don’t believe her story.

Even worse, apparently the police got a search warrant, and announced they found marijuana in his house, along with other things. Now I understand collecting evidence related to the shooting, but the marijuana has nothing to do with it.

He’s the VICTIM here.


Well, that is where the crime took place, what would be the reason to search her apartment? Maybe they did and didn’t find anything of import? Not everyone has weed in their house. We know they took a blood sample from her, if there is something there, we’ll know. Do you really think a grand jury wouldn’t indict?


It’s outrageous. Don’t know what else to call it.