Conservatives Only Please

President Trump was a life-long democrat who only switched in 2016.

He is not a good person.

Have his policies earned him another term from conservative voters?

  • Yes
  • No

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I voted for him to see what would happen. Constructively, it was not a wasted vote.

Would vote for again. Likely would not enjoy hanging out with him.

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Didnt realize we could create threads that were off limits to some.

Anyhoo I voted no.


It’s not off limits. It was a request, like the “no politics please” threads that used to happen.

you rather have communism? the destruction of america, the abolishment of the constitution?
A one government world with the government in the UN and america a open territory of the world?

If supposed conservatives can vote for a person like Donald Trump, then voting for a Democrat shouldn’t be an issue at all.


I didn’t vote for him nor will I this time. I do like some of the policies.

Fair enough. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012.

ETA: I always used to make sure to vote for Ike Skelton (D-MO) before the Tea Party attempt. He was great for Missouri, and he’s the reason Ft. Leonard Wood is still here.

That’s when someone dies. Who died?


I’m disappointed he didn’t put Kethlidge on the SCOTUS over Kavanaugh.

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Any chance he’ll nominate Kethlidge after Ginsburg retires?

Consensus seems to be he will select a woman.

The GOP? :wink:


That’s disappointing to think that someone is being pre-selected based on their race, gender, ethnicity, or creed. I would much prefer that the nominee be the most qualified, regardless of what they look like.


Sorry mate, got to disagree with you on this one. Its an open message board. Threads that specify just posters of one political persuasion can participate is bad for the forum.

I would say the same if someone created a thread just for liberals.

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Its going to happen and you can’t stop us MU HA HA!

You’re disagreeing with me that it was a request? Lets go to that Brexit thread. I wanna hear more of your thoughts on the matter in there. You’re the only Brit here who speaks American. lol

LOL already there big boy.


I dunno, I don’t feel a need to participate in everything. If Sneaky wants a poll of Cons I just read the thread and check the vote tally.

Not a big deal.


I respect that and Absolutely nothing wrong with that but there nothing wrong with others participating.