Conservatives Only Please

whats a conservative nowdays?

Nah - the GOP is still alive and on life support.

Their conscience, however, is a different story…


Well, it depends. The definition a lot of Trump supporters would now provide is a hell of a lot different than the definition I would provide.

And I can tell you my definition didn’t change with the advent of Trump.


Do I have to vote in order to post?


Are you talking TrumpCon or traditional cons?

well whatever the OP definition was

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I agree, but you know how it goes. In my opinion Kethlidge is the most qualified on the list.

Since we’re stuck with gender discrimination in this case, do you have any female judges in mind that would be suited for the job?

I expect Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg.


That’s the one.

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Interesting, thank you. She seems young. What are your thoughts?

That seems to have triggered some people.

Merely a request.

She would break the Yale-Harvard lock on SCOTUS, for sure.

The nomination would trigger anti-Catholic libs. She already face harsh questioning on that when nominated for her current position.

And all of that is noise. But it’s perfect media fodder.

She’s highly qualified, and I wish she had been nominated instead of Kavanaugh.

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Some notable cases of hers regarding the second and fourth amendments are promising. I would hate to see her chosen over a more qualified nominee, but I will certainly enjoy the clown show from the left when she takes Ruth’s place.

Speaking of Ruth, I got to give her props for how many times she’s already beaten cancer. My grandma’s name is Ruth and they are the same age. Same thing too, cancer thrice in the last 12 years, still pressing on. That kind of stubbornness can only be admired.

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I’m glad that Donald Trump transformed the Republican Party into something someone can really be proud of supporting. For too long the Republican Party was run by people who had no idea what they were doing. Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s good that so many people are encouraged by the direction the Republican Party is taking lately.

This ain’t the Party of Reagan anymore. Thank God.


That’s who i wanted last time.

Well I’m just all sorts of outside the loop in this area. lol

Any notable cases that catch your interest regarding her?

Not really but i heard and am still hearing she is more conservative than Kavenaugh or kethledge.

It’s exciting to think the SCOTUS will be at a 6-3 Conservative standing by 2024. We’ll have those bumpstocks back on the shelves and Planned Killerhood shutting down in no time. :+1:

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