This advertisement keeps popping up: Does Trump Desreve a 2nd Term?

I know it’s likely click bait, but the question begs…does he? Not will he? But does he?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’d like to see the answer from real people. Not some stupid click bait add on the forum. And before it goes anywhere. I’m not trolling…looking for a fight. Just curious.

No. No. No.:-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:

Should be interesting to see how the vote tallies up. I’ve submitted my vote.

What the heck do I care about what Trump deserves? For him personally, he would be better off going somewhere and spending his billions.
Will Trump be the better choice on issues I care about when compared to anyone the Democrats are likely to run against him? You bet.

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Does he deserve a 2nd term? Absolutely! :+1:

Thanks to those who have voted. It kind falls out like I suspected it would have. Those of us opposed vs those of us for are roughly 6 to 1. But I suspect that those who favor, just do not want to vote. That’s ok. I wish they would…but if they don’t want to fine. I have the information I wanted to get out of this. But please keep voting.

May one ask what are the issues you care about, and what has Trump accomplished, or says he intends to accomplish, regarding each of them?

The average IQ of this nation drops every minute he is in office, easy no.


Trump currently has 9% approval on the Hannity forum. That’s funny as hell.


(D)epends on who you’(R )e asking. lol

He still doesn’t deserve the first term.

He sure as hell doesn’t deserve a second one.

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I am asking the same people…It depends on who wants to vote, or more likely who asked the question.

Or who’s asking?

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Dammit Sneaky…get out of my head…

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Sure he does. Just like Obama desered his first and second term.

The voters will decide next November if he deserves a second. I believe he does.

Just the overrun corruption in his admin. makes him underserving. No president has ever been as corrupt.

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I’m going to answer the question as no. There is no such thing as deserving. It’s up to we the people…period.

Obese Donald didn’t deserve the Presidency and he has done nothing but prove he doesn’t deserve a second term.

I didn’t vote for Barack Hussein Obama either time.

Even though, I know he was far more deserving of being President than Obese Donald could ever dream of.

Of course you believe Obese Donald deserves a second term.

Of course you do.