Conservatives, are DeSantis and Abbot correct?

What is so hard to understand about long term side-effects?
The vaccine has only been out for almost 2 years, we don’t know if there are any long term effects. There may not be, but who knows past 2 years. That is all I am saying here, in my case, with my age and history of pneumonia, I decided to get it because I knew if I got a severe case I would be screwed. IF I didn’t have those issues, not sure if I would get it or not. Would be a different “decision tree” for me. I PROBABLY would have gotten it anyways but I cannot say for sure.

Thing is you are applying YOUR logic to this, not everyone analyzes things as you or I do, and this needs to be understood.

I guess what I don’t understand is- has there ever been a health effect that has occurred years down the read from any vaccine?

And why is there never outcry over a brand new drug that does have side effects- sometimes very severe? But suddenly with this one vaccine, there is enormously outsized fear of adverse effects years down the pike?

How many of them have been mandated by centgov?

The freak out happened before the mandate.

You want an honest answer?

Because Trump was President. If there had been anyone else in office this BS over vaccines wouldn’t have happened. Trump was vilified from day 1 and the nation was polarized. Both sides are at fault here, both sides turned this political and we are dealing with the fallout. Just to be totally clear here, I am not a Trump supporter, I also am not a Biden supporter, neither of them in my opinion should hold the office of President.

Side comment, I am SOOOO hoping we get two candidates that are actually worth considering. I am sick and tired of voting against someone instead of voting for someone.

Fair point. The pressure has been on for a while.

That is the answer. I truly believe that if Trump remained president that almost everyone would be vaccinated today- perhaps there would be only about 10 percent holding out.

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Here’s another: I believe getting rid of Fauci would help.

No, CNN would be keeping daily count of reported vaccine deaths/injures and interviewing distraught relatives of people who died after taking the Trump vaccine.

Democrats would be demanding another impeachment.


I think the pudding is baked. Any one who took Fauci’s place would be immediately demonized as a commie stooge disinformation lackey of the Biden administration. Anti-Vaxxers gonna Anti-vax.

Yeah they really wouldn’t. You can nail them on other stuff- but CNN would be pro-vax whoever is in power.

I think you’re right about MSM being pro-vax no matter who is president.

But CNN would still be running the Trump death count overall. Until the end of Jan 2021 it was a regular part of just about any news feed.


OK- you’re probably right there.

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Convincing people to vax and the mandate are very different subjects.

In my state, there are religious, medical and personal exemptions for school vaccines.
That is acceptable to me.
It is my decision what I put in my body and my children’s bodies.

That is medical freedom.


I can think of a couple of people, but they probably wouldn’t do it.

I wouldn’t give Fauci’s bureaucrat position, I’d leave it vacant and name one of my guys Vaccine Czar.

CNN is nothing but Woke News now.

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Bunch of dumbasses

How would that change anything? Tucker et al. would claim the people in those positions are radical liberal stooges.

No, it’s not. It really is simple, when you demonize people for not doing what you want them to…they galvanize against what you want them to do. There is no “it’s more like…” about it.

This is the basic difference between leadership and control.