Conservatives, are DeSantis and Abbot correct?

They seem to be betting big that vaccine mandates are the most important thing on the minds of conservative voters.

Are they right?

Second question - how do you square conservatives using the power of the government to tell businesses of all sizes how they can do business?

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They are definitely right about it being the biggest issue.

They are reacting.

Let’s not pretend the pressure started with them. It’s not honest.


Where did the pressure start?

Not spending, size of government, strong military, secure borders…vaccine mandates…

Strange days.

Reactionary is quite the policy.


You just described what the fight is all about and yet, image


I think mandates are a big thing. There is a reason people are flooding to FL.

Telling businesses what to do is a mistake. Better to say no government agency can mandate it.

I have a theory, there’s the vaxxed conservatives encouraging other people to risk their lives, but then there’s the true blue ones and maybe they think they because they lied flagrantly about Ebola and Obama and knew it was a lie, they just assumed this must be and by the time it became obvious it was a catastrophe they’d have to admit they’d been encouraging people to die for months.

Then why are they focusing on vaccine mandates?


I do know one full blown trumpet and Fox News junkies who was strongly anti vaccination and thought Covid was a lie. The his co worked nearly died and he rolled up his sleeve and is preaching vaccination to everyone.

But he’s an exception I think.

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That’s exactly what Abbott is doing in Texas.

I loved it when Don Adams talked to his shoe

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you assume they really care about conservative values. what they care about is staying in office. they will bend to where the wind blows.

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…cuz this is a free country and a mandate such as this, if not fought, can have consequences you haven’t imagined yet.


Where would you say?

That’s a delusion. No conservative is encouraging other people to not vaccinate. Certainly no liberal like me.

The problem is not the vaccine, it’s the “mandate”.

But you knew that. Stop imposing.



Agreed. He is also stopping centgov overreach at his border.


Yours are different how?