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Someone’s forcing you to have a late term abortion?

I think you can report that.


I said that my opinion was that he should step down.

What else do you want?


Maybe? lol. Can men that think that they’re women, and want a *** change,
biologically have children yet?

Or can babies only be born out of natural born women still? lol.

Stupid Sexist, and Transphobic Science, not being able to make it happen yet!


You know that’s not how it would actually go down, though. Right?

There is no factual basis for that concern.


I didn’t say that my mom had facts on her side.

Religious bias is weird… right?


Well…you’re the one that saidvlate term abortions were being forced on people.

Have evidence for this?


saidvlate I honestly can’t answer your questions, because you misspelled the point you were trying to get across. Please rewrite it, and I shall try and answer your question.


said late term abortions were being forced on people.

There was one extraneous “v” in there.

Evidence anyone is being forced to have a late term abortion?


Have late term Abortions always been possible?

Or are they just now becoming an issue?


Answer my question first.


Yes, When the majority of the country doesn’t want something and the government does it anyways, then it is forced.

Most Americans didn’t want Abortions back when Roe vrs Wade was made into effect,
and the majority still don’t want it till this day, and yet the Democratic Politicians
have made it legal. So it is forced.


Who is forcing anyone to have a late term abortion?

Do you know of someone who was beyond 22 weeks, wanted to carry their baby to term but instead was forced to have an abortion?

THAT is what “having something forced on you” means.


Good heavens NO!!! The baby is a person until itself and has the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Taking its life is MURDER, plain and simple. The mother clearly does not want this baby, so have her sign it over and let it be adopted by someone who DOES WANTS it.


yes. any woman that’s had one so far.

The Fake News lying media that lied about Russian collusion and Trump,
also enjoys lying to women in general.

Therefore using propaganda against them, telling them that certain things are morally ok to do. such as having an abortion. Telling women that it’s a Choice is a joke for several reasons. 1. Murder in general is illegal for a reason.


A woman who chooses to have an abortion was forced into having one.

I won’t even call this spurious logic…as to use those terms would assume logic was employed at any level in that argument.


You’re changing the meaning of the original statement.

I think you know that.


Carpe – Don’t play along.

Your original statement was that Americans (as a collective noun) have had late-term abortion forced upon them. Roe v Wade was never about allowing late-term abortions, but now it’s being pushed in these Dem proposals, and American society will have to accept it as a valid and protected practice under some of the latest proposals.


Women are forced into abortions at all stages of fetal development. (Not all women. I know how people operate on this board, so NO, I’m not saying all women – or any specific proportion of women for that matter.) Boyfriends, fathers and other family members drive women to have abortions that are inconvenient to them – sometimes more inconvenient to the one pressuring the women than for the women themselves.

Pretending that abortion is all about the WOMAN’s choice is naive.


If Democratic Politicians got their way tomorrow, and made this country into
a Socialist Anarchist country, and murder was legal in general, it doesn’t
mean that you’d have to walk down the road and murder someone.

It would simply give you the moral option to do so without any consequences.
It would be like encouraging it though.

It’s only a matter of time before the Democrat Politicians get to the point
of an Anarchist America. Mind you, it may take 100 or more years, but
it will sooner or later.

Of course it shows how little morality in general the Democratic Politicians have,
that they enjoy murdering innocent babies.

Which baffles me on their so called logic though, because they constantly use
the terms or phrases close to: “it’s all about the children, and their safety.”
like illegal immigrants and refugees. All while little teen girls are taking birth control
because their parents know that in the journey along the way to America, that
they’re probably going to be raped.

Gee, I wonder if it really is all about the children, why Democratic Politicians
wouldn’t do something to help stop little girls from getting raped?

If it really is all about the “children”, then why allow Abortions to be possible?


So how is giving someone a choice force?