Congratulations Ms/Miss/Mrs Doe it's a boy. Now lets have a discussion

Someone, anyone tell me how this is not murder.

“The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the mother and the physisians and the mothers. I think this was really blown out of per portion”

Okay what he is saying is the baby is born. Made comfortable, THEN the doc and mother would have a conversation about killing the now born baby.

What poster on this board support this? I want to hear ANYONE defend this position of killing a baby after it’s born.

Oh, here is the video of Virginia (democrat – no surprise) Governor Ralph Northam saying this on a radio interview. How long until he walks this back?

Scroll into a minute 14 seconds if you want to jump right to this guy saying it.

Welcome to the democratic party people –

Wealth confiscation
Single payer healthcare where you don’t have any say in what policy you can choose
and now the killing of a baby AFTER it’s born.


Killing a baby after its born isnt a “democratic party” position.


I think that’s disgusting. And yes, IMO, it would be murder.

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Apparently the DNC needs tell that to the dem legislators in the states. Second one this week. New York got applause allowing abortion right up to delivery. Now this one.

Welcome to the new Deomcratic party


Yeah - I let that part go. There are some things that will never be taught.

Donald trump supports ending birthright citizenship. Welcome yo the new republican party! I can play this game Snow but other than showing your logic i wont. If this is being passed, i would think this unacceptable.

I agree that is disgusting

Please reference any legislation introduced and voted on to this effect (birthright thing)

And nice deflection. Do you call what the Governor described as murder or not? Simple question with a yes or no answer.


You are missing part of the legislation on this… don’t be sneaky

The way it is described is absolutely murder.

The New York law allows abortion after 24 weeks of the fetus isn’t viable or in the case of the health of the mother.

The vast vast vast majority of late term abortions are for women who would rather keep the pregnancy to term but cannot.

Lawmakers and bystanders stood and applauded a law that legalizes abortion all the way up until birth, for any reason.

Really? Left leaning USA today seems to think they were standing and applauding the signing of a bill that allows abortion up to deliver for ANY reason.

So what were they REALLY standing and applauding for if it wassn’t this abortion right in New York then?

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Snow knew this… just didn’t fit his narrative

So this new law states abortion up to deliver ONLY if the baby is not viable or the mothers health is in danger ONLY? Why is it being report it can be done for ANY reason according to the law?

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That USA Today opinion writer didn’t read the legislation. It’s not for ANY reason. They changed the NY law to be more consistent with Roe v Wade. Before the law was more strict

People really need to read the New York law which was enacted.

Up to 24 weeks, abortion for any reason.

After 24 weeks, abortion only if the fetus is non-viable, or the mother’s health/life is at risk. The bill then has an entire section where is states that abortions performed after 24 weeks which do not meet those criteria are considered homicides. Those homicides are penalized like any other.

Maybe read the bill before you believe pundits and internet memes.


Because you’re choosing to read an opinion column written by a fellow of the Catholic Association rather than actual reporting.

You could always just read the law.

Because you are being lied to?

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Here’s the actual bill (pdf).

Important part starts with all caps halfway down page 2.

USA Today is a well respected news organization. I would trust their reporting over CNN.