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Only text I’ve found doesn’t show most of the changes (some web things strip that out.) I’m still looking for the actual bill to read it.

Now I notice many keep deflecting ONLY to the New York legislastion and keep silent on what the VA Gov describes. Wonder why that is.


Baby doesn’t look like me…end it.

Baby doesn’t have blue eyes…end it.

It’s a girl…end it.


Care to comment on the VA governors statement? Or have you not had time to figure out if it really happened or not (considering I provided a youtube link to the radio intervew).


And your opinion of the VA governors approach please, since that’s the main topic of this thread.


He was speaking about a fetus that was not viable or severely malformed.


This is fake news. You guys have to shut up about Covington now because you’ve been fakey fake faked.

He’s talking exclusively about infants born with terminal or fatal deformities, as is easily found in the full video, which no Conservative will link to.


38 to 40 weeks into pregnancy is still a fetus?


This is about babies born dead or with non-viable issues. This is a decision made every single day by parents and their doctors. To let these babies die peacefully in parents’ arms. Shame on anyone that wants to get government in here.


Homicide means conduct which causes the death of a person [or an
8 unborn child with which a female has been pregnant for more than twen-
9 ty-four weeks] under circumstances constituting murder, manslaughter in
10 the first degree, manslaughter in the second degree, OR criminally
11 negligent homicide[, abortion in the first degree or self-abortion in
12 the first degree].
13 § 7. The section heading, opening paragraph and subdivision 1 of
14 section 125.05 of the penal law are amended to read as follows:
15 Homicide[, abortion] and related offenses; [definitions of terms]

Way I read this change (no underlined words in legislation, so no new words added to the legislation) they are removing the ability to file homocide (murder) charges against anyone performing an abortion.

So if a doctor aborts a baby at 38 weeks because the mom asks, what happens to the doc? No longer can be charged with hjomicide under this law.

So they have taken the teeth out of the law and leaving it to regulatry. Doc can have the license suspended but what about the “others” that can perform abortions under the law? How are they going to be penalized?


Yes. It is. Have a problem with it? Take it up with medical science.


Get out of here with your facts.


taking a baby off life support isn’t murder.


So kill it after birth is severely malformed? Really? If it’s not vilable, make it comfortable and let it die a natural death.

Now Yes or No. Was what he described murder?


Its not murder to take someone off life support and allow them to die.


No problem with it. He said “non-viable” which means does not have the ability to live. If a non-viable fetus is born, the parents have every right to allow the infant to die a natural death, or not be placed on life support if there is no means of recovery.


Not born dead or RESESETATED if the family agree’s. Then murdered. If non viable (Odds are they knew that well before birth), then make it comfortable and let the baby die a natural death.

Doesn’t sound like it’s a decision to let the baby die peacefully in the partents arms to me.


Letting someone die a natural death when they have severe irreversible medical condition is not murder.

It’s called hospice. It applies to the elderly just as much as infants.


The bill removes it as a criminal matter and makes it a medical issue.

That’s all.


Is it murder to take someone off life support?


I don’t understand how your interpretation could be correct based only on the portion you quoted. It’s clarifying the definition of homicide to make sure abortions not performed within the parameters of the law are considered homicides and are tried accordingly.