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It is not easy to find the actual text, I went looking for it, but I know of what Kathi Tran, the promoter of the bill,. admitting that abortion can be done at any time, and for any psycological reason that the abortion can be done. Health reason, includes the term mental health, which means if one is upset about it in the last trimester, that is a reason enough to kill the baby, or infant. Co sponsor, proabort removed her cosponsoring of this bill, because she knows of the consequences of it:

A Democratic co-sponsor of a controversial Virginia bill that would repeal restrictions on third-trimester abortions is apologizing to her constituents for supporting the legislation, saying she didn’t read the bill or know how far it went.

But in an email to her constituents on Wednesday, Del. Dawn Adams of Richmond said she didn’t fully understand the bill when she signed on to it as a co-sponsor.

“By now you have heard about the abortion bill, or seen the video,” Adams said in the email. “I vaguely remember signing on to this, and I did this in solidarity with my colleague and as a symbolic gesture for a woman’s right to choose.”

Adams said she didn’t know what was in the legislation before adding her name to it. “I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn’t smart or typical. I will work harder and be better for it.”…………

She added: “I am sorry that I did not exercise due diligence before this explosion of attention; had I done so, I would not have co-patroned.” Adams said she thought it only reversed “onerous” abortion regulations implemented by Republicans in 2012, and didn’t realize it “sought to do much more.”


Just so we’re clear - if a child is raped and becomes pregnant, they should have no option other than to carry to term. That’s your stance?


murder is murder. Abortion is wrong to me no matter any circumstaces!

I answered your question, will you answer mine?


I don’t see a question. What is your question?


How many Abortions do you think happen in Liberal Democrat corrupt states like
California, and Illinois, and New York, compared to Conservative ones?

I wonder…………? If a man is a Liberal Democrat, if he would be more likely
to leave the mother if she did decide to have the baby, compared to a Conservative
man? How many families are broken that lean Liberal, and children growing up without a father that lean towards the Liberal ideology, compared to Conservatives?


I wonder how many players/ cheaters that are out there and Liberal Democrats,
compared to Conservative Republicans?

The problem with trying to find those statistics is honesty, and who would tell it.

I’m pretty sure the type of guys that do cheat on a regular basis/aka probably Liberals,
are also more likely to ask a woman to get an Abortion.

And this is one big reason why it became legal. The truth shall set you free!


Back up your post with a link.


Street Smarts and Common Sense don’t need links.

Just go out and ask 10 single women(friends, family, or strangers) that are on dating sites, and are looking, and see what responses you get.


As usual. No facts just feelings.


Facts might hurt.

Democrats were the least likely to use the website [Ashley Madison], while Libertarians were the most likely.

“Our results are perhaps the strongest evidence yet that people with more sexually conservative values, although they claim to act accordingly, are more sexually deviant in practice than their more sexually liberal peers,” the study says.

After Libertarians, Republicans are the second most likely registered group to use Ashley Madison. In New York, the disparity between the registered conservative and left-leaning parties is striking. In one validated model that looks at the probability of Ashley Madison usage for a 40-year-old man registered to vote in New York, the likelihood of that man being a Libertarian is every 1 in 98. For a Democrat, it’s 1 in 223.


Well, if a Liberal site says it’s right, then I’ll go on their untrustworthy statistics. lol.

Since the majority of Libertarians vote Democrat, that’s basically like saying
Democrats are first.

Maybe not in 2016 for Trump, but in ever other case for the President before that,
and even now for anyone else in congress, Libertarians vote predominantly more so for Dem Dems. Liberals= Most Libertarians.

Conservatives are more likely to keep a child, not have an Abortion, and be a father
that sticks around as children grow up. You know, the honorable thing to do.


Libertarians don’t vote democrat.

Libertarians have been moving the GOP to the right on economic issues and have been using the social issues to get people to vote for their policies.


Libertarians don’t vote democrat at all? hmm, I’m not ganna touch that one. lol.


It is kind of weird to hear Democrats supporting a Racists(ralph Northam) point of view about Abortion.

Then again, I’m sure that there are several Racists amongst Democrat Politicians.


Northam doing blackface has little to do with the reality of late term abortion.

I thought that he should have stepped down. But I don’t live in Virginia anymore so I don’t rwally get a vote there.


True. And even if you did, as a voter your chance to speak on that won’t come until his next election cycle.


If I were a Democrat, not even living in that state, I would tell my other Democrat
friends about it, and tell them that I think that he should step down, for the sake of the Party’s reputation, and morality, and then I would hope that it would spread like a wild fire, all around America. They could go on Facebook, and Twitter and tell their friends about it. Maybe one of their friends lives in Virginia?

But then again, that’s just me. lol.


I’m originally from Virginia and it won’t matter next election. Virginia has a one term limit on governor, although you’re allowed to serve multiple terms, just not consectutively.


My conservative family who is still there… in the area… my nephew is currently going to Eastern Virginia Medical School… have no problem with the blackface thing. Mom told me stories of student minstrel shows when she was in high school. I jokingly asked my brother on his 60th birthday how far down the line they have to go before he becomes governor and he said “ I did blackface in 1977 and all my black friends thought it was funny”. My brother also was partook in the first wave of school desegregation in Virginia that didn’t go very well.

So yes. Casual racism in Virginia was and to some extent still is a thing.

What really got my mom ticked off though was the false the false story that Northam was for post birth abortions all the while telling me that when she had my older brother she wouldn’t go to the Catholic hospital because of anything went wrong they would choose the baby over her.

The world is a wierd place.


I guess Democrats seem to be ok with Racism then.
Oh wait, that’s only if it’s a Racist or Sexist Democratic Politician.

What would happen if Ralphy were a Republican and a blackface Racist?
I’m guessing he’d be fired instantly and very easily then.

It truly shows where Northam’s morality lies. It also shows where the Democratic
Politicians morality lies by backing up Northam, and his Lt. Governor(the Rapist).
Once again, both Racism and Sexism is perfectly ok, just as long as a person
is a Democrat Politician.

There is no such thing as a Racist or a Sexist, or a Homophobic Democratic Politician
in Washington. Definitely no such thing as an anti-Semitic Democratic Politician! lol.