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It’s weird to me how Radically far left the Democrats are on here!

Most Democrats in the United States of America aren’t anywhere near this far
left, as the ones are on here.


It isn’t radically far left.

It is the realization that the vast vast vast majority of late term abortions are for women who want to keep the baby but can’t and the State has no business inserting themselves into that tragedy.


I bet many on this board are so proud of Argentina right now. If only America could be this progressive…


The government shouldn’t be sticking their noses in the States rights,
and yet they have been for a over 40+ years. I’d call that Radical in general
because Democrat Politicians have been writing their own laws, and forcing
things upon Americans for quite some time now.

Americans keep putting up with it, but I wonder if they’re finally say enough is enough?
Most of America, even the Democrats, don’t want open borders, they don’t
want late term abortions, and they don’t want all illegal drugs legalized.
That’s only on the Radical Far Left wing Democrats.


Very few people “want” late term abortions.

The problem is that in some cases they are necessary and that necessity should be protected.

All the other stuff you said is simply a rant.


If very few people want them throughout America, then why should the Democrat Politicians force it on Americans?

Is it ok to kill a baby after a Failed Abortion happens? and the child is already born?

Or maybe the Democrat Politicians ultimately think that we should just have illegals, and refugees come in as they please and be American citizens, and current Americans should cut back on having babies in general?

You know, how AOC said that we should?


You aren’t paying attention to what is being said to you.

When a step is taken back from the hysterics, then We can talk.


Sorry, but I don’t believe most of the spoon fed crap that the Left-Wing
Fake Democrat Biased Radical media spews.

And I’ll always fight against the Democratic Politicians trying
to force their Socialist crap on the American people.


A little less spittle flecked into the writing would be appreciated


sorry. I forget sometimes how being so direct with a Democrat
isn’t “Politically Correct”! lol.

And yet it’s perfectly fine when someone that wears a MAGA hat
gets beaten up simply because of their beliefs in politics.
Or someone with a Trump bumper sticker at a stop light
gets jumped and beaten up by 3 other guys.

It’s ok to voice ones opinion and to have rights if you’re a Democrat
in today’s world, but not a Republican, Conservative, or Trump
voter. I guess I never did go with what was the cool thing.

How’s that Democrat Privilege treating ya?

I refuse to suppress my opinion to make Democrats happy.


Yes, he was talking about post term abortion, he called the baby an infant. If a baby is born dead, the baby is born dead, you just shouldn’t abort it to get it dead. If a person is handicapped and can live, this bill would have given that person the right to not give that person life. The nurse here knows exactly what this bill entails and Michael Jackson Northam actually sidetracked the horribleness of the bill.


hmm, so a person who was conceived in rape should have been murdered. So the ‘progressive thing’ is to follow up a horrible rape with the progressive to kill the baby. I am sure society would have been so much better if the following person should be dead.

Society would be better off if Rebecca Kiessling would have been sliced up, made sure the body parts are together before disposing of her dead parts. Why don’t you send an email to Rebecca and tell her she shouldn’t exist. Jesse Jackson was conceived in rape, he was ardently prolife until he decided to run for president in 1984, he called it black genocide, (and it is since a huge percentage of blacks are exterminated that way, ironically Black Lives Matter is all for blacks getting killed in the womb). Albert Einstein was conceived in rape. Eartha Kitt, conceived in rape. Zahara Jolie-Pitt, adopted by Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, Seven-time World Champion Surfer, Layne Beachley, Former Fox and; Friends weekend co-anchor Kelly Wright, TV personality, Faith Daniels (adopted by Catholic group), Nell Carter, Martin Sheen’s wife of 50 years Janet Sheen, Actress and singer, Ethel Waters, Miss Pennsylvania 2014, Valerie Gatto,

Progressive means none of those people should have existed.


Forcing a raped 11 year old to have a baby. What a wonderful place Argentina, and maybe America can be! :roll_eyes:


This isn’t about being “politically correct” it is about being factual.

I have been very polite during this discussion and am interested in getting my point across.

When met with simple nonsense, wild accusations, and name calling I can only assume that the intent on the other side is not the same.


Northam was speaking of a child who was not going to live very long beyond birth.

It is obvious what he is saying. He is leaving the choice of giving the child extraordinary measures to save it’s life or give it palliative care as a choice to the parents… not the State.

That is it. Nothing about post birth abortion. People are losing their damned minds for some reason over this.


What about giving underaged girls birth control, so they don’t get pregnant
on the journey over here? Refugees. Why don’t the Democratic Politicians do
something about that?

Or Slick Willy Clinton going to fantasy island and raping an underaged girl?
Or the Lt. Governor of Virginia(Justin Fairfax) raping women?


Give preteen girls birth control in case they get raped? What age do they start? Puberty? Great idea. :roll_eyes:


You can spin what Northam said all you want but that is not what he said. And this bill would not have affected just infants that were not going to live long after birth.
In fact they don’t even need a bill to cover a situation like that because that kind of situation is already the standard hospital practice. The parents are given the facts and it is left up to them if life saving measures are used.
This bill was all about abortion. They want to be able to terminate a child not only up until birth but after birth. There are no reasons for late term abortions. If the child can live if it is birthed on that day than to terminate the life of that infant is just wrong.
The left are pushing the envelope on abortion. And it makes you wonder what their end game is.
I try not to even read what pro choice people say because it makes me so sad to think that there are people who defend this stuff.


You obviously have not read the bill that was proposed and you are hearing what you want to hear from what Northam said.


I know right? Personally, I would think when a Party(the Democrat Politicians), constantly say that it’s all about the children, that they would try and help the Refugee children not get raped, and not have to take birth control.