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I use the word inhabiting because that’s what its doing.


*** are you talking about!!? If humans don’t know the difference between right and wrong, then nobody would care about freedoms, or rights. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What’s your right and wrong vs my right and wrong vs someone else’s right vs wrong. There’s no universal right and wrong. Individuals define it differently. Hence the need for laws based on personal safety and property rights.


Except for the safety of pre-born babies.


Exactly. Fetuses aren’t citizens. Thanks for playing.


What if no human knew the difference, and had no right or wrong?

Then would anyone care about freedoms or rights?


Our laws do not protect only citizens.


what is a fetus? Unborn human baby. Human with a heart beat. The need to depersonalize lays the foundation for the rationalize for killing.


Very well stated


This coming from someone that says Fetuses aren’t citizens, and should
be murdered, but yet thinks Illegal criminals should be allowed in the country.


They don’t have a right to some else’s bodily resources and impose a significant health risk in order to have that safety.


I know, right? It’s why we have strict gun control laws in this country. Just because you can’t keep all guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them doesn’t mean…

Wait, that doesn’t sound right.


You’re right. Now Abort those fetuses and sell them for their body parts
to plant parenthood, so they can use them for Science" purposes.


AOC asks if it’s still ok to have children? lol


Based on your posting history concerning abortion, I’m surprised you didn’t use the word “infesting”


Why would I?


When we are speaking of late term abortion… even Northam who was the original outrage that spurred this thread… this piece is what we are referring to.

If you are going to accuse me of executing my child, then you need to know exactly what happened. It’s not a pleasant story and the ending is terrible. I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to read it. But you need to know the truth, because stories like mine are being perverted for political gain.
It pains me to remember. And yet, it is the only memory of my son, and so even though it cuts, I keep it close.
I was pregnant with triplets and at 22 weeks and three days, my membranes ruptured — that is, my water broke, far too early. I knew it was catastrophic. Almost no baby born before 23 weeks can survive.

After a fitful night of sleep at the hospital — because when you know Death is standing at the doorway waiting for your baby, you don’t sleep well — I got up to use the bathroom.
And then, all alone, I realized I was delivering. There was no time to cry out. I stood alone in the hospital bathroom and delivered my own son. He fit in my hands.

If I held him and saw him die, then I would know exactly what I was going to face if the other two delivered (ultimately, my other two sons survived).
As Aidan’s parents we had decided that invasive procedures, like intravenous lines and a breathing tube in a one-pound body, would be pointless medical care. And so, as we planned, Aidan died.
And that is the reality for so many parents. Some have known for weeks or even months that there will be no life after birth. With that knowledge some choose an abortion and others the blanket and embrace. Both are brave decisions.

It’s unclear if the bill the Senate was considering would have affected me at 22 1/2 weeks. But whether an extremely premature delivery at the cusp of viability or an abortion, it’s a situation that the government shouldn’t insert itself into.

What I am arguing is that what Northam was talking about was tragedy… not something stupid like “post birth abortion”


The legislator who sponsored the bill that Northam was talking about was not talking about tragedy.


The legislation that she was talking about had nothing to do with “post birth abortion” but instead getting the government out of other people’s tragedy.


So you think that failed Abortions are stupid?