Congratulations Ms/Miss/Mrs Doe it's a boy. Now lets have a discussion


I would take the under there, he probably promised to pay for them but you know Donald!


So many “I’s” “me’s” and anecdotes in this thread. Mostly from men thinking they have some magic insight into what it is to be pregnant or have an unwanted pregnancy. Many of whom would be the first to scream about their rights and freedoms, big government and socialism. It’s pretty easy to overlook the rights and freedoms of another if it doesn’t affect you.


The power of a child can do great things.

Things that most people though might not be able to be possible for that person.

You’d be surprised, how much a baby can change someone.


I know. I’ve seen both sides of the coin.


It’s very hypocritical to assume that. You have no idea what any man would do on here if he were instead born a woman, and put into that situation.

Therefore it would be illogical for you to make that assumption.


Hypocritical? How so?

I’m not a woman. I’m not going to tell a woman what they should or should not do if they become pregnant. It would be great if there weren’t any abortions. I physically cannot become pregnant and will never be faced with the decision to have an abortion. I’m not going to try to legislate, shame or pass judgement on something that will never be a choice I have to make. I will continue to voice my support for the autonomy of pregnant women, even if I don’t like abortion.


The Democrat Politicians intentionally aim Abortion at younger women. That’s easily because most people know that wisdom usually comes with age. When someone is younger they’re more likely to make a “QUICK” uninformed decision. They simply hear this crap from the far left Politicians, and then they’re more likely to have an Abortion simply because it’s now politically correct! It has hardly anything to do with the fact that they actually respect these women. Just look at all of the Democrat Politicians who have raped women.

If Democrat Politicians really cared about a woman’s body “and respecting women”, then why would so many rape them? It’s because they don’t really.


The average age of first pregnancy in the US is 26. Anything older than 35 is considered advanced maternal age and only account for 15% of pregnancies. Less than 8% of live births are to mothers older than 40. What age group should abortion talk be aimed toward? The naive 20 something actually having kids or the mature 60 year old retiree who is post menopausal?

Democrats are now raping women? That’s your new argument? Get your ad hominem while it’s hot, I suppose.


So you have no problem with a mother whos had a baby, that baby is one year old, being able to kill that baby, because if you do you are overlooking the right of her to kill her baby, what concern is that to you. Do you think the mother should have the right to kill that one year, outside the womb baby, and are you not infringing on her right if you say she should not? Freedom to kill seems to be no problem with you so there should be no problem with that one year already born baby getting slaughtered right?


BTW, I’m sure you have not been at any prolife rallies, but I have, and I’d say most of those who go to prolife rallies are females, at least the ones I’ve been to, is at least 60% of the female persuasion. Many of them, mothers. So your gross generalizations are pretty much that, gross.


Its interesting watching you never really addresss a question and always pivoting to something else…


Abortion is very convenient for men. Use the women for sex, and not have to be responsible for any byproduct. Then pay them to kill the byproduct. Make females sexual chattel, and the men not responsible for any byproduct. Kill them off. and call that ‘choice’ how convenient for men. And they get to couch it in respecting women’s rights!! Abortion is convenient for irresponsible men.


So you don’t understand the difference between inhabiting another person’s body and not doing that. Got it.


Yes. Democrat Politicians have been raping women for quite sometime now.

They even got caught having a slush fund to pay these women off.


So you think an 8 month old baby inside the womb, just because it is in somebody else’s womb, even though it is viable, it is okay to kill that boy/girl. Ain’t it convenient that you made it, no one killed you when you were in your mother’s womb! By what rationale is a baby’s location the grounds or not ground’s for whether it is killed or not.

Besides all that, that argument is besides the point. The point is that once one is born, actually already born, the governor called the baby an infant, then he will discuss whether the baby can get killed or not. The bill actually says nothing about viability, if a person just is upset about having the baby, that person can be killed, even though the baby is then outside the womb.

A Virginia nurse, who is aware of this bill, has a reaction. She’s upset about it because she has a right to be mad. She’s trained to keep babies alive, not kill them, or not care for them, she’s delivered babies. This bill ain’t about viability, and the governor was wrong to frame it that way. The oath that this nurse took, the governor is asking to violate. .


Its very simple, if the woman doesn’t want it inhabiting her body she has every right to have it removed even if this results in its death


Do you even know what this bill is. This is beyond the abortion debate. This is murder, because this is when the baby is outside the womb. Listen to the nurse, she knows the bill, and the effects of this specific bill.


You asked “By what rationale is a baby’s location the grounds or not ground’s for whether it is killed or not.”

I answered.


I agree. Very well said.


Most good parents, I find are willing to sacrifice their life for their child.
At least while they’re outside of the womb. I guess while they’re inside of it,
it’s ok to step aside and let someone murder them, without them
being bad people, or a bad almost parent.