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Republican politicians and commentators keep pushing the bounds of sanity with their rhetoric. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that they’re making this up about abortion and it doesn’t surprise me that some conservatives believe it given some conservatives willingness to believe almost anything.


Opposed to listening to a Racist Governor



Only if you do so honestly without making up nonsense about what was actually said.


Personally, I could never vote for a Party who allows the slaughtering of innocent
children. Especially the cutting up and selling of such innocence and purity in this world of a baby. For “Science” purposes.

It’s “EXTREMELY” irresponsible, and immature to Abort a child.
Either wear a condom, or go on birth control.

If a person is adult enough to have sex, then they should be adult enough
and responsible enough to be face their actions.

It’s not rocket science. If you have unprotected *** while not on birth control,
a woman has a good chance of getting pregnant.

The Democratic Politicians = Excuses and Justifications, owe and Immorality a lot of the time.

and my guess is that you might come back with. Well what about Rape?
That is what adoption is for. There are so many women that can’t have children or get pregnant, and I’m guessing a lot of them are mad at the women that do
get Abortions, or sad, or something. They really wanna have a baby, and tons of other women are simply throwing babies away is if they were garbage in the trash.

But it’s not big deal.


I used to think like you but after meeting and dealing with some women who had abortions for various reasons, you have no idea the degree of unintended consequences you would unleash with a ban on all abortion. You’re making a very emotional argument and I’m not saying that’s always the wrong way to approach something but you need to at least consider the rational side.


The odd part is people are calling on him to resign for black face and not this endorsement of baby killing.

He won’t resign, he’s part of the Clinton machine. Say, anything and do anything for power…


I don’t think you even know what “being committed” means…


I’ve seen Women who make Abortion a Sport.

Literally wanting to get pregnant, so they can have an Abortion.
I realize that isn’t most women that have them though.

Between that, and chopping up kids for Science that’s enough to make
me want to throw up in general, and despise the Politicians that support something that allows such things to happen.

Sometimes I think to myself; what if those Liberal Democrat Politicians were Aborted? but then that would contract my beliefs, and make me no better than them.

The harsh truth is that most of the women that have Abortions aren’t getting one for harsh reasons. If most women that were having abortions were doing so because they got raped, I could possibly see trying to justify it, even though I wouldn’t agree with it.
But that isn’t the case, and it simply makes it sick that the Democratic Politicians are allowing Abortions to be legal. Especially when back when it became a law most people didn’t agree with it, and even till this day, the majority of Americans don’t agree with it!

Welcome to the Democrats way of Politics! Their way or no way at all!
No, No, No, No wall, No wall under any circumstances! Sanctuary Cities, even though
Most Democrats don’t even believe in it. Forced Healthcare upon people, so they can’t have their individual healthcare, and people have to pay for something that they don’t want.

The Democrat Politicians are quit good at forcing things upon the American People, and if it weren’t for Trump they’d keep being able to do so at a lot more of a rapid pace, because most Republicans are push overs.


Let consider how many woman commit suicide after having an abortion. Lets consider how many women turn to drugs and alcohol because they had an abortion. Lets consider how many women suffer and engage in risky behavior because they had an abortion. Lets consider how many women suffer from depression because of abortion.
I know some of these women. Women that had their lives totally changed because of abortion and not for the better.
. Most of them were young and no one told them that having a child was not going to ruin their lives. That there are programs out there that will help them before and after the child is born. No one told them where to go to get information on adoption. No offered to go with them to talk to their parents. All of them told me that when they showed up at planed parenthood they were never told that there are alternatives. No one told them that they had options.
So you have no idea of the degree of consequences pro abortion people unleash on these women.


Oh please. Having a child (whether you keep them or put them up for adoption) also results in depression, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse. There is no difference. I’m not making this up. It’s been studied at length.

And although there seems to be plenty of money around to scare, harass and intimate women into keeping their pregnancy until 24 weeks, there is shockingly very little money after that point.


There are plenty of government programs for these women And most of it is at the state level. They can get money for housing, heating and cooling, food, they can even get a cell phone, the doctor and the hospital are paid. I know women that have had their car repairs paid. After the birth they still can get all these things plus child care that is paid and free college.
Then the state will go after the dead beat dad and he will have to pay child support as well as pay the state back for their costs. I always think the left push for abortion so that some low life man will not have to accept responsibility for his part in creating a child?
What I see are women that are harassed for not having an abortion. All I hear is how the left thinks that an abortion is going to fix things for these woman. Why do you think they push abortion so hard and not insist that planned parenthood advise these women of all their options? Why the big push for ending a child’s life and not helping a woman to know and understand that abortion is not her only option? I know women that have given their child up for adoption and are still in that child’s life. They get to see the child grow up and know that they are safe and being well cared for.


Gosh. You make it sound so easy. Just like nothing ever goes wrong. Except that section 8 has extremely limited housing. Child support enforcement is minimal. Heating and cooling is minimal. And the second she gets a job these benefits start to disappear. A woman’s career and education are set back and their earning potential decreases and so they may be locked into a cycle of poverty.

There is no pushing for abortion at Planned Parenthood. They simply do what the person asks.


Nothing in life is easy. And plans change all the time.
I know a lot of single mothers that did just fine and got a college education while raising a child. They don’t have to have section 8 housing. All they have to do is go to DHHS and they will help them find a house or apartment. And her benefits don’t decrease as soon as she gets a job. They are based on the income she makes and if she was working while she was pregnant they increase when the child is born.
The only single mothers that are set back are those who won’t get off their butts and make it in life. I know single mothers who worked and went to college at night and online. Life takes you down many different roads. The road you planned on taking might not be the one you end up on but it’s up to you to make the road your on the best it can be.
And yes planned parenthood pushes abortion. They don’t offer information to the women so they know their chooses. You want sex ed in schools that tell kids about all the chooses they have for birth control including abortion but the left does not want planned parenthood to give these women the same chose when it comes down to a pregnancy.


Anecdotes are great and everything but it’s not data. This has been studied in large populations.

You are repeating one falsehood after another while painting an overly rosy picture of every thing.

The truth is not as you portray it. You sound like a crisis pregnancy center making vast promises and scaring women out of being able to make their own choice. Unlike these pregnancy centers, Planned Parenthood doesn’t pressure women into anything but support them no matter the choice they make. Can you say the same?


What fairy land do you live in?
I know woman that have gone to planned parenthood. They do not give them information on anything but abortion. They scare women into having an abortion by telling them that their lives will be ruined by trying to raise a child on their own. That the best thing for the baby is to not bring it into the world if they might not be able to care for it. They tell them that the baby is not really even a baby yet. They do not support the women that go there.
And what I type is not a falsehood. Everything I typed has happened. I know these women. I have helped these women. I don’t look down on the woman that I know that have had abortions and I don’t look down on the women that have chosen to raise their child. But I know that the women that chose to give birth have not had the issues that women that had an abortion have had. I know single mothers that are nurses, teachers, doctors ,lawyer’s and business woman. They worked hard and have raised beautiful children. Maybe rural people can adapt better than people in the big cities. Maybe rural people help each other out more than people from the cities. I don’t put a lot of faith in studies that have an agenda to push. I go by what I see with my own eyes. And life is what you make of it and with a child or with out a child you can achieve what ever you desire. You just have to put in the work to make it happen.


You’re just one cute anecdote after another.


I completely agree. That is why the Democratic Politicians wanted to make the legal age of voting 16. Millennials tend to not know as much about politics, especially details.
That’s why the Democrat Politicians go after them. After all, why learn policies and what you’re actually voting for, when you can simply listen to the Mainstream Liberal Media, magazines, MTV, and Hollywood?

The Dems got our children pretty brainwashed in today’s society, between that
and technology in general.


A lot of chemicals in the body of a pregnant woman get different than when they’re not pregnant. After she would have a baby the chances of her depression and suicidal tendencies would statistically and mathematically go down.

Also the pride of having a child would probably help also with the depression.

Have you ever seen what kinds of motivation a child can have upon a parent, both male and female? I have. I have a lot first hand. I’ve seen several mothers and fathers stop using illegal drugs, because they were going to have a child. A baby has helped so many people within this country. They also have a chance of making a family.

Then again, it’s part of the Socialist Agenda in America to tare families apart. So it makes perfect sense why they would want Abortion.


Yeah. You know what always helps people who are struggling?

Having a kid. Makes everything better.

Good lord. Are you serious?


Not only that, but having a baby helps a woman with her depression.