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Its not murder but yep.


Well, just like old Billy Bob Clinton said; “It depends on what
the meaning of is, really is.”

What is the Definition of murdering millions of innocent babies
that never had a chance at life? Who gets to define it?
Who has the right to judge others for those who do murder innocent babies.


Murder is the UNLAWFUL killing of a human, abortion is legal so not murder.


smart of the Clintoon machine to pull out the black face book,and get the gov’s infanticide remarks off the news…

Right out of their playbook…


Just because the Liberal Democrat Politicians made Abortion legal, doesn’t mean
it’s moral. Murder is murder. You can call it Abortion, you can call it murder,
either way both are immoral.

One is simply justified by the Dem Politicians. I’m sure that sooner
or later the other one won’t be far behind though.

With Anarchy being on the far left and all.


Morality and law are two different things.


I’m not even ganna touch this one.
I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide for themselves
what to believe on that. lol.


It’s very true. They are quite different matters.


How so?


Lying is immoral. Lying itself isn’t illegal.
Being a racist is immoral. Racism isn’t illegal.
Buying alcohol before noon at the grocery store isn’t immoral. It’s illegal in Texas.

Morality and laws address separate things.


Well said. Some consider sex before marriage immoral. Its not illegal.


Abortion is immoral.

It’s not illegal.

The thing that’s untouchable is the sad fact that far too many people in our society let law determine their behaviors, not morals.


not any more unfortunately.


Would you suggest premarital sex be illegal?


Abortion is Immoral, and it use to be illegal.
Just because something can be changed from illegal to legal
doesn’t mean that it should be.

It makes the Politicians changing the law, not only immoral
but trying to dictate the laws of the land, and to overthrow
things such as the Constitution of the United States of America.

Morality and Laws tend to go hand in hand.
Laws in general were made because we have Morality,
and have the ability to chose right from wrong.

Without Morality, we wouldn’t need to have any Laws at all, would we not?
If no humans could tell the different between right and wrong, then there
would be no need to have any Laws, because nothing then would be wrong
from a moral perspective.

lol. I didn’t want to touch that one, but I did anyways.



I love how you use the term “inhabiting”, like the woman just woke up one morning and discovered she was pregnant.


Without laws, we wouldn’t have a functional society. That’s why laws exist. Are some laws based on a perceived collective morality? Probably. However the purpose of laws it to create a functional society that preserves individual rights of safety and property.


However, that’s what usually happens. If you don’t want to have an abortion, the government won’t force you to have one. Freedom!!


So would we need Laws if we had no Morality?


Absolutely. Laws exist to defend personal freedom and property rights. Civilized society could not exist without them. Morality, on the other hand, is fungible.