Collusion on Trump


Get that post count up what a fulfilling life


Hilarious. :rofl:


Mueller has special powers that the FBI didn’t have. So while the most senior leadership of the FBI, coordinating with DoJ and the State Department, were like dumb trolls in morality play, Mueller is the Neo - the One - who will dodge the supersonic lies from that evil evil Trump and reach into the Trump administration and pull out the truth.


He trolled me for a couple days. I’m a slow learner. But a few hours ago I smacked my forehead and said … “ugh… damn troll got me again”.

My fault.

Don’t be as dumb as I was.


I’m just giving him an opportunity to excel.


one would think it would be a no brainer for the United States to investigate THAT.


God forbid they interview someone who made strange claims about having dirt while talking about the hacking…months before the emails were released. Unfortunately some folks are too slow to understand how investigations work


I don’t think they are slow at all. I think they’re in defense mode. Not unlike what lawyers do.


What has Mueller charged anyone with? Lying! He has absolutely nothing on anyone on any kind of collusion. He’s charging people for lying and bank transactions from years ago. For one, collusion isn’t a crime. Obviously it isn’t a crime or else they should be investigating Clinton and the DNC also. Oh yeah, I forgot theirs separate rules and laws for her and Dems. Two tiered justice system. One for Hillary and one for the rest of Americans.


Be patient. The investigation is ongoing. No need to rush to any conclusions until all of the facts are known.


And as far as the Russian hacking of the DNC computers. The DNC refused to turn them over to the FBI. Hmmmmm…wonder why? Sounds a lot like a Hillary move once again!!


…and conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, wire and bank fraud, and identity theft.


Which has nothing to do with Trump/Russian collusion. Theirs actual evidence that Hillary and the DNC has conspired with Russia and Ukraine. But no one is supposed to question or worry bout those facts. It’s Hillary, nothing applies to her. Swamp!!!


we won’t find out about that stuff (if there is any) until the detectives finish their investigation and turn over their results to the DA. well, you know what i mean.


And who’s swamp is it? There are some investigations ongoing into Clinton. And there is a new request from Republicans on the hill to do more investigations. Failure to comply is completely on Sessons/Trump.
As for the collusion, you are a good grasshopper and maintaining all of the CEC talking points. The investigation continues. And until it is over we really know nothing about the extent or who is involved or not.


Try this one! If the FISA warrants we’re to spy on Carter Paige, why hasn’t Mueller or anyone questioned him? Nobody’s heard a word about him and he’s seemed to have dissapeared, yet, supposedly he was the target of the FISA warrants. But we hear all about all these other Trump associates. So…the one person they got a FISA warrant to spy on, they haven’t found anything on him. Was Paige a planted FBI informant?


“Media”? Lolololololol…oh man


Good answer!!


I just don’t understand why you don’t get it. There have been no leaks from the Mueller team. Therefore we only know who has been interviewed when they admit to it. So you and I don’t have a clue about Page’s status of what they have found out about him. You seem to be relying on what the CEC is telling you about this investigation. And that is only what they want you to hear. When the investigation is done we will know more. Until there the only thing we can do is be patient.


They have