Collusion on Trump

You can’t be this damn dense holy ■■■■. Authorities can investigate suspicious activity within confines of the law. Suspicious activity about Russian hacking of emails happened before the emails were released. After the emails were released, thia was reported to the FBI. After intelligence agencies verified the source of the hacking and received the report on Papadopplous they interviewed him and caught him lying. How is this so hard to understand?


So we have reported claims of foreknowledge of Russian hacking by a Trump campaign member but noooooooooo WildRose says lol

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Authorities, Limits of the Law.

Let’s focus on those shall we?

Exactly what is the crime that was reportedly committed by Papadopulos justifying a criminal investigation.

Hell of a moving of the bar there Wrong.

Foreknowledge of the hacking?

Evidence please.

Election day.


Holy freaking Christ batman. The crime was RUSSIAN HACKING. A foreign official reported to the FBI that Papadopoulos mentioned the hacking and Hillary dirt BEFORE the emails were released and the hacking was made public. When everything was made public, Papadopoulos was reported and the FBI INTERVIEWED HIM ABOUT THE HACKING. He’s since cut a plea deal and who knows what he has said. How is this so damn hard? The crime was the hacking. Papadopoulos was INTERVIEWED ABOUT THE HACKING because he was reported by a witness to him saying he knew about it.

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You claimed he had foreknowledge of the hacking when the only evidence is that he had been offered dirt from those emails before they were publicly released.

So again, where do you come up with the claim he had foreknowledge of the crime?

I didn’t claim that. I said a foreign official said he made the claim, which warranted an INTERVIEW by the FBI. My God dude you’re off your rocker

Of course you did which is why I replied accordingly.

I said “reported claims of foreknowledge”. REPORTED claims of foreknowledge. Do you know what the word “reported” means? Seriously dude just admit you’re just wrong for once in your life. It’s liberating.


How sad that people are in such utter denial of basic facts


So who reportedly had the foreknowledge?

It isn’t… They have had nearly two years to clear up that instance. It should have finished a long long time ago.

That has nothing to do with what we have been discussing. Try reading the thread

How long to Benghazi or Bill Clinton investgations last?

We still have yet to see all of Hilary’s emails that she destroyed after they were subpoenaed.

Well you might as well run and hide after that embarrassment of a performance.

Ok honey bunny

Hey, you proved you can’t give a straight answer or support your own claims. Might as well go hide so, by all means, HTR.

That’s I think what you struggle with and overcompensate for