Collusion on Trump

Question? If the Intel community, with FISA warrants we’re conducting all this surveillance on the " Russian collusion" and the Trump campaign, why is their a special council? Are they admitting that the Intel, and surveillance by our "highly respected Intel community couldn’t find anything? So , we need Robert Mueller to figure it all out? If the FBI and CIA and every other Intel agency was seriously investigating this, it would have never gone public! Just saying.

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What do you mean what? It’s simple. Supposedly, according to all the “media” reports, every intel agency said their was Russian/Trump collusion! So why didn’t they bring up charges, if they have all this"evidence" themselves? Why do we need a special council to figure it all out? If you have all the power of the US intelligence agencies working on this “major corruption” why does Mueller exist? Simple common sense!

uh, the special council is to investigate and report on if any laws were broken. same reason a PI isn’t the end of the road in a criminal investigation.

Do you trust Devin Nunes to get to the bottom of this?

If the DOJ, and FBI give up all info!!!“unredacted”. These guys are hiding a cover-up. Everyone knows it, including you!

patience grasshopper. we’ll all know when the investigation is completed and he reports his findings to congress. until then we’re all just guessing.

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If that were true, you would see both Ryan and McConnell complaining about it. The only squeaking wheel is Nunes. When the FBI did provide the unredacted documents, Nunes didn’t even look at them. He sent Trey Gowdy and a couple of staff members.

They’ve never produced any evidence of a crime at least not that’s been made public.

Had they produced any such evidence the proper thing to do would have been to turn it over to the FBI to work up a criminal case to then refer to the Justice Department.

No, there isn’t even supposed to be an investigation without the reporting of a crime to begin with and most certainly not a special counsel appointment.

There was a report of a crime. The Russian hacking of the DNC. And a foreign ambassador reported Papadopoulos. Thanks for playing.

Who is George Papadopoulos for 200

What crime was papadopoulos accused of prior to the launching of this investigation?

That had nothing to do with the supposed Russian Collusion by the Trump campaign.

Just stop. Papadopoulos was a member forvthe Trump campaign and told a foreign official he knew about a Russian hacking and Hillary dirt months before the emails were leaked through wikileaks. You seriously are claiming that’s not worthy of opening an investigation is absurd and laughable. How do you not know this?

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What crime was papadopolis accused of there? He had been offered dirt on hillary, that is not a crime.

When did WildRose go all-in on backing Trump?


Another victory for Mueller. Someone charged with lying.
And nothing else.

I’m going all in for facts. If you find that troubling I can’t help you.

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