Collusion on Trump


Where you get your info from? CNN?


Because the intel community does not have the power to bring charges, all they can do is hand over their evidence to the proper authorities, who then have to investigate (they can’t just take the intel communities word on this), and decide if charges should and will be brought.


The FBI is a investigating agency. Its in their name!! Why do they need Mueller to investigate it? They didn’t have a special council for Hillary. The FBI investigated it and concluded no charges were warranted. Of course we all know why, well…most of us with common sense know why.


And why has she still not been charged? Republicans are in charge of every single aspect of government, including the DOJ and the FBI. So why, 2 years later, is she still walking free?


One reason there is a special counsel is, Jeff Sessions was a member of the Trump campaign. There fore, he could not investigate the campaign objectively. So he recused himself. Rosenstein felt a SC would be appropriate given the nature of the investigation and Session’s role in the campaign.

If, for example, this was an investigation into suspected Clinton collusion, the DOJ would probably keep that in house as there is no conflict there, no threat to objectivity.


Maybe Fox reported it in such a way (to win elections) that tricked their watchers. Many people here appear to think her crimes are worse than Saddam Hussein’s.

If nothing else Donald Trump has shown us that that group of people can be suckered.


Truer words have not been spoken. A sucker born every minute it would seem.


It’s not who you’re backing, it’s what you’re backing. The truth is always where you place your energy. Try it, you’ll like it.


The FBI investigates, and turns that material over - often with a recommendation to prosecute or not - the DOJ, who is the charging authority. In this case, the DOJ is headed by a man who was involved in the subject being investigated. So you can’t well expect Sessions to be objective in investigating an enterprise he was a part of. So you bring in a SC.


So Holder recused himself when Fast and Furious was investigated?


There is nothing stopping the DOJ RIGHT NOW from pressing charges against HRC. Why do you think that hasn’t happened?


…the same reason they haven’t complied with the requests for information to the Congressional oversight committee. It would expose their crimes.


That was a long time ago, but wasn’t that an ATF operation? Was Holder int eh ATF before he was the AG? I really don’t remember.

I know there were house and senate investigations, and then didn’t the IG of the DOJ investigate the issue?

Why wold holder recuse himself if it was an ATF operation?


You think Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein are criminals? What are there crimes?


Page has appeared before the Grand Jury and been questioned. How do you not know this? Why would you try to discuss this topic without bothering to look up the most basic, easily found facts about it?


The why hasn’t Trump replaced them with people who will? Perhaps it is because it is not crimes of theirs that would be exposed, but instead would place national security and human lives at risk, while simultaneously damaging an ongoing investigation? Nah, couldn’t be that. It’s got be some weird conspiracy theory, even though Republicans control every single branch of government, including the DOJ. Amirite. :roll_eyes:


I think Sessions is an honest man. I think Rosenstein is an establishment professional that can work the law to propagate the establishment’s agenda which is to remove Trump at all costs.


Because the angry man yelling through the radio told him this was the truth. And he bought it without verifying. That’s the likeliest reason.


Do you despise all Law Enforcement or just the ones upholding the rule of law when it concerns your favorite politicians?


We hear about emptying the swamp and finding corruption…


when it could somehow, someway lead to our favorite politician.

There is zero honor and zero integrity in that.