Coast guard lieutenant planned to murder democrats and media figures


Thank God for the FBI.


If this guy was a mexican immigrant what would this thread look like?


Only the completely brainwashed dont trust the FBI.

I filed a FOIA for the comey memos; got a prompt response and they were posted on the vault site when they were declassified.

I would trust the FBI with my life.

Allan (full disclosure; I know several FBI workers here in NYC–top class persons)


“The defendant is a domestic terrorist, bent on committing acts dangerous to human life that are intended to affect governmental conduct.”

such a good man…lets send him money.

good lord is that what it has come down to?



That’s quite a leap.

You should jump Springfield Gorge.


This is the exact kind of situation that I was talking about the other day when I said that I was afraid for the judge’s family in the Roger Stone trial.

Or nation is currently being inflamed by our own president (to protect his own skin).


Don’t care. I see.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Nary a lefty in sight has ever worn the hat of shame and owned up to the left’s responsibility for james hodgkinson and what he did on that baseball field that day. Instead, the politicians, their media friends and all of their insane lemmings turned the page after two days and never looked back.

Maybe they should find a mirror before pointing fingers outward.


How about when celebrities talk about blowing up the White House? Or locking the president’s young son in a cage? Or holding up a mock severed head of the president?

Do you get all worried then? Anyone been inflaming those people? Any of them in jail?


You should take your own advice

Kind of like those who won’t own what’s currently happening on the right and deflect to incidents that happened decades prior?


And the craziest thing is the president could actually diffuse this whole thing. He could be like Reagan or Ford or Carter (you know, be a man). He could be like many of our presidents. But instead he chooses to inflame the situation to divert attention away from himself and his criminal activities.


Sorry to destroy the narrative but those incidents were all rightly criticized on here.


Fail, big time.


Find more recent material. You’ve dragged this dead carcass out too many times.


What’s currently happening on the right?

Street marches tearing things apart? Rioting and looting? Burning down Ferguson and Baltimore? Cop killings inspired by “activists”? Shooting up Congressional baseball practice?

Never a mirror around when people need it.


Maybe Trump broke his brain. It seems his descent into madness was a relatively recent phenomenon coincident with Trump’s rise.


The last street march I went to was a peaceful expression of public protest.

The only arrest was a Trump supporter indiscriminately using pepper spray on the crowd.


How about this incident in particular? So far you have yet to comment on this demented right winger that is the topic of discussion and have only deflected. Something you yourself called out


Who riled up this guy?

Let me guess. No one.


That’s bad.

He shouldn’t do that.


He shouldn’t do what?