Coast guard lieutenant planned to murder democrats and media figures


his hit list included Sen. Richard Blumenthal,Sen. Elizabeth Warren,Joe Scarborough,Don Lemon and others.

he had a weapons cache and has communicated with assorted white supremacists

i guess when the president calls opponents the enemy of the people some people take it seriously


I thought we were supposed to be afraid of poor Mexicans looking for work.


Unfortunately, we’re probably going to see more of this type of thing with the president’s reckless rhetoric.


There is a good chance Trump was briefed about this before his careless and reckless tweet. He has chosen to elevate the risk to some Americans.


Aligned with White Nationalism, sympathetic to Neo-Nazis, Neo-fascism, hoping for help from Russia. Wanted to kill Democrat and Liberal politicians and media personnel.


Yes but Jessie Smollett made up a hate attack so clearly Trump Supporters are the real victims here.


This is why everyone needs to try and tone down the rhetoric. We can all have a simple mostly civil debate on here but there are people on the fringes that would like nothing better than watch the whole system burn. I don’t think the gun man who shot the politicians at the baseball game represents democrats and this clown doesn’t represent republicans.

But they would love for you to think they do.


I just said the other day something like this was going to happen. He’s got to start watching what he tweets. And overall respect and civility must not be allowed to fade away.


If we don’t stop rewarding outrageous rhetoric, why would we expect it to stop?


He should not do that. It is illegal.

And wrong.


It would seem this individual was very much mentally disturbed in a lot of ways. Radio broadcast says he wanted to pretty much kill everyone. Guess he should have committed his crimes in Texas, then he could be sent to the afterlife regardless of his mental state.


Rightwingers elsewhere are asking how to donate to his defense fund. No joke.


Nah…lets not…


Well.what we will see is lone wolf excuses being made shortly…and something libs…or something


Basket of deplorables


Okay first of all – I hope they have an air tight case against this idiot and he spends the rest of his natural life in Prison. They need to find every little single charge (aka the drugs, the possession of a fire arm by a person on drugs, even jay walking if they caught him doing that).

Why I say every little crime they can . . how many remember the Hutaree Militia members arrested. They had guns/ammo and other equipment. They had a plan on paper, they activly practiced the plan they had on paper. But because they “claimed” it was just a fantasy they acted out, they were all found not guilty and released and their guns/ammo and equipment returned to them.

As for this part, I couldn’t find that in the article (didn’t read the charging document). The article says he sent himself draft e-mails that he wanted to send to others. Far different than communicating with them.

This guy here is also prime example of why most drugs need to remain illegal, and those using them locked up.


Bold words.


Haha I came here to say that.


james hodgkinson anyone??


Is this thing on?..


That list is a who’s who of the people regularly demonized by Fox News and talkradio.

What a shock.

Another homegrown white domestic terrorist.

Another shock.