Coast guard lieutenant planned to murder democrats and media figures


Explain that to republicans, who insisted on allowing Trump to ascend to office, in spite his repeated reckless and egregious rhetoric and behavior during the campaign and beyond.


Why do you ask so impatiently?

Hannity forums are not a real-time message exchange system.

You need to go to Messenger or Skype if you want to ask a question and have someone answer you immediately.


This is one of the bad hombres trump was warning us about.


Why do I get this feeling of trump up charge…and no it wasn’t meant to be a pun.

And the fact that FBI and the Dept of Corruption was involved flags are popping up everywhere.


Yeah. Totally deep state. This sounds like fake news if I’ve ever heard any… lol.


Sorry I don’t trust FBI and CoJ anymore then Gambino family.


What does this have to do with this story?


How long before people claim this is q false flag


But Trump’s word is a good as gold, right?


People do goofy things. Like the pizza delivery guy in Florida.
Their job (media) is to make it sound as close to Trump telling him to do it as possible without sounding ridiculous.
Now whether the planning would have ever come to something or was just his sick fantasy is something else that we will never know.


This guy was crazy but a ‘white nationalist’ crazy. Glad nothing happened to anybody, and glad they caught him… An actual Nazi follower. Just glad they got him, and should never see freedom again.


Obviously this was a clinton plant…obviously…


Should we mention all of the threats that came from unhinged leftists in the past two years, or does everyone remember but simply don’t care?


Ya think.

Just like the media bomber.

Just an mentally unhinged person on the right.



Deflection alert. Stick to the subject, which is righties who go off the deep end.

You can start a thread on lefties who do.



He sure had a lot of weapons for a fantasy,



How does someone as far out there as this guy appears to be, fly under the radar of his superiors…for years?


How did ted bunny get away with being a serial killer for years.

Some people just know how to game the system.

How did the Las Vegas killer amass a small arsenal, bring it upstairs into his hotel room and the proceed to mass murder a lot of people.

Just be happy they caught the perp.



Conan pretty much just did


I’m sorry but I have much, much higher expectations than that.

On another note, what has happned to this site? I see Brietbart articles attempting to jump in and it’s slowing everything down.