Coast guard lieutenant planned to murder democrats and media figures


Lets set the record straight.

Here’s your direct quote: “Should we mention all of the threats that came from unhinged leftists in the past two years, or does everyone remember but simply don’t care?”

You specifically stated that ALL of the threats. Meaning, every single one, came from the left. I pointed out that you were incorrect.

Its okay to admit your statement was incorrect. No need to immediately deflect.


That incident was already discussed and condemned when it was still news. How about sticking to the topic?


Sure. How about the threats to kavanaugh and his family.

Now, who was it that worked people into a door clawing frenzy on that one?? Was it the dimocrat politicians and their media allies??

I solved the case.


Ridiculous. He’s not crazy and evil because of drugs.


Be so angry.


I read two stories about this and neither mentioned Trump. Your post sounds ridiculous.


I never said, implied, insinuated, accused or even hinted at the idea that “ALL… threats come from the left.”

Reading is your friend.



Why shouldn’t he be angry?


Yeah the way they’re carrying on you’d think that the most influential person in the entire world is calling them the “true enemy of the people” or something.


My apologies. I read that wrong.


Because the lying media is really his friend. They always report what’s right and never have an agenda.

And dimocrats don’t want open borders.


Or the death threats to Dr. Ford?

Who worked people into a door clawing frenzy on that one? Was it republican politicians and their media allies?


And what does that have to do with the right-winger that is the topic of discussion?


Oh really? I thought they were the enemy of the people.

Doesn’t our military defend the nation from its enemies?


Thread is about a rightie, who happens to be a domestic terrorist

ready to kill Nancy peolosi and a bunch of other enemies with all his weapons.




The actual president of our country could say something like “Believe passionately in your positions but never cross the line into violence. That’s the coward’s way out.”

But Donald Trump can’t do that. He needs for the crazies to support him to keep the bright light from shining on him and his team and all their criminal activities. He’s basically using some of his supporters to divert attention away from all the bad crap he does. And they’re willingly letting themselves be used. I just don’t think they’re savvy enough to understand what’s happening.


I’m very glad he got arrested and I condemn him bigly.



But women and children escaping the horrors of their home country are the real emergency. :roll_eyes:


Good thing they caught him and are prosecuting him.

Let me know when one of them shoots up a democrat softball game.


Yep. We should just let everyone in.