CNN uses racist insult.


Dangerous levels of stupidity coming from people with influence deserves to be pointed out.


Speak for yourself.


Durn that’s a bad post.


No where in that clip does anyone say ‘‘house negro’’

You should listen to your links before you post them.


The OP saying, without a link, that cnn uses a racial slur. Only to find out when you posted the link, that it was black people talking about another black person using “negro”. That isn’t a racial slur when used in that context.


Who was proven to be the “real racists”?


How is labeling him a “token negro” not labeling him a “token negro” exactly?


When did it suddenly become acceptable for an African American to call another African American a negro???


It’s really weird that we need a moderator approval to say the word “negro” in a thread about a CNN commenter saying the word “negro”


No? The lyrics were written by Paul Shanklin. And Rush got the “magic negro” bit from an oped written in the LA times.


there can be no context in which someone is called a “token negro” that it isn’t racist.


So a White Guy pretending to be a Black Guy singing a Song making fun of another Black person for not being a “Negro” is okay with you?


What “n word”? They called him an illiterate negro.


No they didn’t. They called a man who wasn’t there an illiterate negro and a token.


Old white dudes gonna splain’ how to be racist the proper way!! Check his birth certificate or make a song about magic negros!


I mean it’s insulting to a degree. But not racist.


but there is context to make a parody song called “Obama the Magical N-word” ?


Showing bigoted tendencies.


You can’t just call someone illiterate, you need to demand to “see” their school records… that’s proper racism, the old white dude way.


Two questions for conservatives.

  1. Does what you have heard from Kanye West, including calling for abolishing the 13th Amendment that ended slavery, make him seem like a stable, educated individual?

  2. Why do you believe the President is so determined to prop up West, despite the insanity constantly spewing from his mouth?