CNN uses racist insult.


Don’t you know by now -

One person on CNN or MSNBC = ALL CNN or MSNBC
One Democrat says something terrible = ALL Democrats said it


My title? I did listen to it. The token thing came after.


No he wasn’t the orgininal statement was made by David Ehrenstein and the song was performed by PAul Shanklin.

both of who are White.


No he wasn’t. Rush got it from LA Oped piece.


Yeah, completely uncomfortable.


But let get back to the song.

which part of the song is not racist.


Apparently if Farrakhan says something, that is a pass to make racist songs about it? Interesting logic…


Yeah he was.


Any deviation from The Narrative must be crushed lest it spread.

Why the need to belittle them if they’re “outliers”?


Such bizarre logic, referencing a story in his show… OK; making the musical equivalent of blackface about it… uhhh


and people wonder why the GOP isn’t winning the black vote.


Cool, that’s what I’ll tell them when I do it.


And we are witnessing the backlash when Blacks don’t buy into libs BS hook, line and sinker.


I think it might be because Kanye is bipolar, and stopped taking his medication a while ago.


So another faux rage thread by older white men, who are completely out of touch with black culture and think its not fair they can’t drop an N bomb.

So what else is new.


will dem only get 94% of the voter turn out this time?


I’m not outraged. I’m not the one who pretends to care.


Yes sir.



Honestly that is part of it. I agree. He hasn’t been well ever since the lost of his mother. That impacted him tremendously. Politics and this nonsense aside, it has impacted his music too. There is no doubt when it comes to production and beats Kanye is a genius, but the stuff he’s putting out now is not Kanye from 10-15 years ago.


Looks like that panel had a token white dude, not the reverse… :rofl: