CNN uses racist insult.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m too afraid of doing a filter bypass, even though it’s not bypassing the filter if the filter isn’t catching it.

You can say ■■■■■■, but not the word this thread is about.


CNN hired couple tokens to say what they cannot say themselves…isn’t that right libs?


They said the N word to each other, why do you have an issue with it?


How come no one’s used the word “lib” yet?


Oh so it’s OK if you hire a token to say it.


They said the miracle grow N word. Not even the same thing.


I hope miracle grow n word isn’t racist.


On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you want to use the n word in public?


We are all that White Guy.


Do you have a problem with black people discussing black issues? Why wouldn’t it be ok for them to say what they said?


That’s right and we were just told in this thread it’s ok for one black man to call another that name.


What exactly does “token” mean to you?


The context isn’t racist, also it was said by another black person.


I just don’t get why some words can be filtered and others need approval, it makes no sense.




So Farrakahn sang that song source.


I have a thread in Community Feedback about this. I think it has to do with a filter designed to combat spam. The moderator I talked to was unable to edit this particular board feature, but confirmed it exists.


Well…I wouldn’t call him a token, but he’s walking that line.

Kanye is 45’s type of person, you know how he loves the poorly educated and in this case the misinformed. Kanye is a black 45 supporter who not only don’t vote but also who is severely misinformed. Probably because he hasn’t read a book in years (kanye’s own word).

So now you got a misinformed black person that doesn’t vote, who just so happened to be a celebrity. He’s perfect because Kanye got influence due to his celebrity status and for now, a non threat to 45.
Kanye is the guy Malcolm talked about in this quote, “But whenever a black man stands up and says something that white people don’t like then the first thing that man does is run around to try and find somebody to say something to offset what has just been said.” This gives 45 supporters ammunition so they can turn around and tell other black folks, “Well Kanye said…”, or ,“Look at Kanye he supports Trump you should too…”.

Kanye fits the role perfectly.


You support Trump. I don’t believe morals effect you at all.


No, he was the original source for the statement.