CNN uses racist insult.


Ah. So this is just another conservative plaint of “Why can’t we say the n-word???!!!”.

Carry on.


A commentator is apparently equivalent to an entire network now.

And it’s not really a revelation that the Republican party is so unpopular with the vast majority of black Americans that any outliers tend to be propped up, no matter how nutty they are.

We saw that with Herman Cain and his nonsensical “9-9-9” economic plan. We see it with Ben “Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery” Carson. Diamond and Silk say hello too. Kanye West is just the latest lunatic to realize there is quite an audience for a black person telling white conservatives how right they are.


It’s a Chris Rock reference, like her racial draft joke was a Dave Chappelle reference.





Bunch of old white dudes who are out of touch and don’t get black culture references are OUTRAGED!





Anyone here remember the time when Limbaugh played this tune for weeks on his show.


Yes, do you remember where it came from? See Farrakhan.


When did it suddenly become acceptable for an African American to call another African American a word that rhymes with megro?


Played this tune every single day, for weeks.


And? The original source was Farrakahn.


How stupid is it that we need Moderator approval to say the same word that’s being discussed in the OP?


They want to use it so bad…


They do, just not in public.


Did you catch the “Farrakhan said it so why can’t Rush???!!!” ?

That stuff cracks me up.


Source? Paul Shanklin wrote the lyrics for the song, and the idea came from an LA Times oped written by David Ehrenstein which Rush discussed on his show.


It’s really annoying.



How about bigotry which is a synonym for racism, does that work for you? It should because it’s the same no matter what the race, color or creed!



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