CNN uses racist insult.

CNN referred to Kanye as a “token negro.” Thus proving who the real racists are. What do you think the consequences of such racism should be?

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Wow. Unbelievable.


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Link please…

It gets worse.

Please tell us more about how a black person talking negatively about another black person is “real racism”?

I just knew that was the case! They tried to be slick.

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Pretty funny segment.

Worse? Do tell…

I am confused why OP said CNN, it seemed to be some random black guy saying it not a official CNN statment.

What do you mean?

“This is what happens when negroes don’t read.”

Not worse than “token”?

CNN put him on tv over their logo.

What the issue here? Black folks can call each other the N word any time of day they want.

There is no issue.

And, that youtube clip you posted doesn’t say what the title says. You should listen to your links before you post them.

If fox had a guest who said anything close, people would lose their minds. Libs rush to defend in this instance, though.


At least they aren’t even hiding it anymore, that’s a plus.


The white guy on the right is just “welllllll…I’m just gonna sit here…”

That’s all he better do lol