CNN uses racist insult.


When did negro become the N word?


To defend Kenya his issue with Slavery is the bit about how it can be used on prisoners.


His wife clarified this a few hours after he made that statement.


What did Kanye West say that was dangerously stupid?


On this topic.


I think the question is what should be the consequences for the obvious dishonest OP.


Slavery was a choice
Abolish 13th amendment


His wife?



Have you tried asking the op? :roll_eyes:


They couldn’t just call West illiterate, they needed to include the “negro”.


Kenya is married to Kim Kardassin.


Well, slavery being a choice is kind of up there.


A white wife explained a black man’s statement on slavery and the 13th Amendment?


Ok, so call him ignorant. Say he doesn’t read or he needs to read.

Why add “negro” and token?


Kanye just wanna be in the house instead of in the field that’s why he is sucking up (many won’t get my reference)


What do you think my punishment should be? The OP? Must we be so formal? We’re all friends here. You can just call me Alt. And that doesn’t stand for alt right.


I get it. You must be so proud.


I am friends with honest common sense conservatives and moderate liberals who have some common sense. I doubt we will be friends.


Because they can and it’s relevant.


United Negro College Fund.

There. I said the “N” word. What are you going to do about it.