CNN uses racist insult.


Marring into that crazy family probably did not help much either.


False premise leads to stupid OP’s like yours.


“This is what happens when nigroes don’t read.”
Lmao. My sides.


Whatbout if they just said he is Looney? Or he hates cops? Would the White Rite embrace hm if they heard his lyrics?


Even before he started saying stupid things in the political arena, Kanye West was worthy of being belittled and mocked.


Can’t say I’m a fan of the “token negro” phrase. I don’t find it necessary.

That being said the reality is that Kanye West is a ■■■■■■■ moron. I don’t care what color he is. He’s an idiot. Perfect for the Trump cult. He should just shut up and rap, right Cons?


It’s definitely independent. Deep is a different question.

Crush it.


The inverted racist attack. Only dems would think stepping off the plantation is being an uncle Tom…

Ever notice socialism is just like a plantation system for the entire country, kind of like Venezuela>>


Weeks? No…much longer than that.


Those numbers only really matter for two reasons-how much one could potentially get paid to post, or for ego stroking.


So African Americans are only legitimized if they follow the plantation owner group think? Thanks for showing us your true colors!


Lololol truth hurts…


And yet Common goes to the white house and all hell breaks loose


Look up Chrisette Michele… Her career tanked after doing a show for Trump… Don’t try to be in the house when you got famous in the field


Lol remember they went nuts when Jay z was there also


…would be saying slavery is a choice and that the 13th amendment should be repealed, probably.


Imagine that.


Is that what you think I’m doing?

It’s amazing how liberals are saying these things about a rapper.


It’s actually even older than that; academics wrote about the trope, and then it trickled into popular journalism over the last 20 years or so.

We discussed it a lot here at the time, with predictable results. The funny thing about it is that the magical negro is a critique of what (had been) a kind of stereotypical liberal cliche about race. It’s also an interesting idea, if you trace it back into movies and books. Of course, neither Limbaugh nor his listeners were particularly interested at the time.


where did my post just disappear to?