CNN uses racist insult.


The worst thing is they are getting liked minded idiots in power


Ahh beat me to it


There are some serious drawbacks to the internet and social media. Racists finding each other, normalizing their beliefs and then putting them in action, is definitely one of them.


I am extremely jealous that black people can say such words and not be offensive. As protest, I as a white guy, will make sure to use this word as well.

No, but seriously, I can’t wait till someone gets themselves in trouble over this. Because context is too hard.


Yes, that’s exactly what this is, nothing more, nothing less.

Thing is, they can say it. They should just be honest and say it as much as they like.


True. We should despise the racists but not fear them. Despise them because they are hate filled. But they have no power. There aren’t enough of them to force any rollback of civil rights and there never will be. If they come out publicly they will lose their jobs and probably their double wides too. They are completely powerless to effect any policy. I pity them. Thank God there are very few of them. But I don’t fear them. Not one bit.


Here we are a bunch of white people debating if a black person using the “N-word” is justified or not like we have ownership over that word or something.


Do you have a problem with people of any race not liking racial insults? I don’t like them. And I refuse to hold back simply for being white.


You don’t really care.


They don’t have to roll back the civil rights laws to have power, they already do. Racism is being condoned today like no time since my recent youth. You’re either blind or don’t care if you think it isn’t out there.

And I thought you had stopped replying to me. What changed?


What changed? This is a different topic and you have been responding in more respectful way. As I have always done with you.

So who is condoning racism and how are they are advancing their cause? You should be able to come up with many names and examples. How about giving me just five or six? I can tell you it does not happen in my world. Not my friends, not my employer, not my neighbors, nobody that I know gives a rats ass about race. Not one bit. I don’t want my daughters black friends oppressed. And nobody that I know wants that. I’m guessing it’s pretty much the same in your world. Please provide your examples.


No. The OP is outraged because he’s very sensitive to racism.


The President of the United States condoned racism and racists during the Chancellorsville rally. That has emboldened racists across this country. Some of them are GOP candidates. While they have very little chance of winning, there they are.

As for respect, I always treated my Soldiers with respect, but I expected professional behavior from all of them, as well as other military members I came in contact with. I retired as a Master Sergeant. I treated all military with respect, but I had no problem chewing out any subordinates who screwed up, regardless of branch. During the 3 1/2 years I spent in Iraq, I served with members from all branches. Marines who stepped on their dicks were not exempt from ass chewings. I stood face to face with them, so don’t question my ability to give anyone an ass chewing in “real life”.


Hmmm. Are you insinuating…


As soon as trump won the started seeping out from under the rug. Crawling out of the woodwork. Hysterically ranting trump won and we better just get used to being less than. The whites have power again. It happened at my familys business.

Thing is. They dont.


This is pretty bad broadcasting on a mainstream network. I thought the thread title was sarcasm until I watched the video.


These crocodile tears in seeing


I think that’s a bit different than the way the word was used by the panel on CNN.


That you had to point that out is part of the problem to begin with.