CNN goes crazy - accuses President Trump of being "hate leader" and compares him to Hitler


Please actually read All the President’s Men.


He absolutely has. Or do you not recall all his talk about changing libel laws?


Karl Rove is NOT a member of the staff at Fox. He can and will show up wherever he is paid to opine and DOES NOT claim to represent Fox News.

Stelter is on the staff at CNN. He represents CNN.



That’s a lie. Trump defines “Fake News” as news that is FALSE. He has frequently said he doesn’t mind criticism, as long as it is not a lie.

The number of stories in the press that have turned out to be WRONG and/or LIES is so great at this point that it is hard to catalog them all. They don’t even bother to retract them, anymore. They just either keep saying them or ignore the fact that they got it wrong.

That’s FAKE NEWS. and it is a very real thing. When the press lies to me they are my enemy because we need to rely of them for true information. That is actually what they are SUPPOSED to be in business for.



You don’t know the guy you voted for at all.


That’s great, you talk about food, and I’ll talk about politics.
Being a vegetarian, and your kids eating meat, compared to having a Jewish son in-law, are two different things. I’m not really sure why you used that as an analogy? it was horrible.

The far left Democrats constantly are yelling at Trump and a lot of his supporters how we’re Nazi’s, Deplorables, and evil in general. I don’t remember to many comparissons to Obama, while he was in there to a Nazi? Owe wait, that’s because the right doesn’t consist of lunatic protestors that throw water and other things in peoples faces, and get right in their faces and chant that their racist, and several other bad names. Only thee left does that. And the liberal media is never going to call one of their own a Nazi. So I’m not really sure what you’re talking about? lmao!


They just need to come out of the closet and admit they’ve totally given up on even attempting to fairly report the news.


Karl Rove was part of the George Bush Jr presidency. The traitor George Bush was bashing the President with I think it was Bill Clinton. Long story short, both George Bush Jr., and Karl Rove are part of the Republican Establishment. They’re both traitors to the Republican Party.

Unfortunately Fox News has people working for them, that aren’t really that Conservative.


funny how you confuse “tried” with expressing an opinion

your boy hero Hogg is the one who tries to shut down the opposition. as well as the violent angry antifa left. ask your favorite 6th grade teacher if need more clarification (than i already gave you in abundance)

trump calls out the “fake news” not just any news that criticizes him he’s been clear about that.


im not sure they should bother. they dont have any pretense of being objective anymore. they made it obvious that they are on a mission to destroy trump


Oh boy here we go again


the left sees how overy biased the media is

they just dont care. they want them to be their attack dogs.


Oh good lord man quit calling Bush a Traitor. You sound as bad as the rabid Trump haters.


nope he’s a traitor. What kind of so called Republican ex president would talk crap about his fellow Party member, with Evil Bill Clinton? lol. Owe, there’s that and he gave millions of illegal immigrants amnesty, even though he said he was against illegal immigration.
You can’t out Democrat the Democrats.


NOT THE POINT. You’re STILL trying to move the goalposts. You created a standard. I showed that his own words met that standard. Now you’re shoving those goalposts a little further.

If Obama had done/said things like this, you guys would be apoplectic. I mean, you WERE. Trump says it? “Meh, that’s just how he is. I’m glad he’s pushing back against the media.”

Obama gives a back to school speech? HITLER YOUTH! INDOCTRINATION! CAPTIVE AUDIENCE! Kids sing a song about Obama that he had nothing to do with? You guys went BANANAs. Trump suggests CNN should lose their license because they say mean things about him? Tries to damage Amazon because of a thing WaPo said? Meh, that’s just how he is. Whatevs.

We get your double standard. It’s terribly hypocritical.


As Levar Burton used to say, you don’t have to take my word for it:

Did you sleep through the years 2009-2016? For example, remember when the dude who is our sitting president paraded himself all over Fox proclaiming to have found something we all won’t believe about Obama’s birth certificate? His people were out there looking and YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY FOUND-but it’s ok, because he’ll let Obama released the REAL THING in exchange for a 5 million dollar donation to charity. And remember how a bunch of Fox talking heads were claiming it was fake, and LITERALLY spent time on the air talking about how it was photoshopped? After the way Fox treated Obama, it’s amazing some you have the balls to whine about how Trump is treated by the media. I do find the Hitler comparison in bad taste, regardless of who does them, but you are acting like this is literally the first time a president has been compared to Hitler or any other evil leader.

Again, I wish you had been this adamant about your attitude toward dishonest media from 2009-2016. But you weren’t. And now you are. Thank to that special R after Trump’s name.

Now please, comrade monkey, continue to clap those loyal cymbals.


A president using his platform to speak negatively about a business, because that business is owned by the same guy who owns a media outlet that said meanyhead things about it, is wholly inappropriate. He has no business doing that.

Hogg was never my boy. And his attempt to “shut down the opposition” was done through appropriate, legal means. Boycott. He didn’t use the power of the most powerful office in the world to do so. That you don’t see the difference isn’t surprising.

I’ve always condemned violence, regardless of which side it comes from.

More clarification about what?

I don’t see him calling out a lot of Fox, and a lot of Fake News has come from them over the years. He’s out there calling out people who criticize him. Period. It’s all his fragile, snowflake ego will allow. And you support that.


I just think ALL biased press should be called out. You don’t. You adamantly only call for the media that is critical of Trump.


Well now you are either trolling or are so ignorant you aren’t worth trying to have a conversation with. Either one is a “bye” for me, dude. :wave:


you are incorrect