CNN goes crazy - accuses President Trump of being "hate leader" and compares him to Hitler


notice how you went from trump “shutting down media” to just being “inappropriate”

theres hope for you yet


No, I’m definitely correct. You have been given plenty of opportunities to call out both sides, but you tuck tail and run every single time. The only time you ever chime in is when it’s leftist media bias.


I only ever claim he SUGGESTED revoking CNN’s license, in response to what Doug said. If you would put the fire in your hair out at the mere mention of the letters “CNN” you’d have seen that from my first involvement in this thread.


wonder if there would be any outcry from the knee-buckling hypocritical left if fox news proudly hired and defended someone who tweets things like: #cancelasianpeople


youre accusing the president of shutting down the media, or trying.

you have the hair on fire not us


What I’ve accused Trump of doing is very clear in this thread-and I backed that with his own words. My hair isn’t on fire. I’ve backed my assertions in this thread with facts.

Again, Dear Leader is grateful for your fealty.


I would personally hold them to the same standard I hold the rest of the media.

You’d kowtow and refuse to condemn them, as always.


any peep from you on jeong?


I think the NYT made a mistake hiring Jeong, regardless of whether her comments were serious or in jest.


They shouldn’t have hired her. It’s bad form. How do you feel about openly racist Mark “You do what you’re told, understand, ■■■■■■?” Furhman regularly appearing on our Host’s show as an “expert”?

People who’ve said awful things get jobs. Sometimes in the media. If you want to go tit for tat on that I don’t think you’ll enjoy where it ends up.


ThinkingMan doesn’t comment on Fox. This thread isn’t about Fox AND HE WILL NOT CONDEMN THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU SAID TO DO IT!




see, we can agree on something


id rather not see mark on the program but that show is not the editorial board of a major “news” oulet

anyone celebrate the extinction of a race within the fnc editorial staff?


you must get tired of being wrong


I’m not wrong. You refuse to ever comment on Fox. Every single time you’re given the chance, you balk and start with the laundry list of reasons you won’t do so. Every. Single. Time.


yes you are.

see my posts above


You still qualified it. Can’t help yourself.


You make one limp-wristed “condemnation” and suddenly you’re a straight shooter who is willing to condemn Fox.

And we’re supposed to forget the plethora of times over the last weeks, months, years you have REFUSED to call out Fox’s bias.

Just stop. We’ve been down this road before, and every single time, it’s the same. THIS THREAD ISN’T ABOUT FOX! I WILL NOT CONDEMN THEM BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO! I’LL ONLY COMMENT ON FOX WHEN I PLEASE!


Amen to that! :+1: