CNN goes crazy - accuses President Trump of being "hate leader" and compares him to Hitler

The fake news network CNN hits yet another low, not only has CNN clown Brian Stelter accused President Donald. J Trump of being a hate movement leader, but he also showed tweets comparing President Trump to Hitler.

This is no longer journalism. It’s a media-led witch hunt that has the potential to incite violence against elected officials. The White House should ban CNN from all press events, they no longer deserve to be considered press.


He started it!

you know thee funny thing every time I hear on thee news or anyone call Trump a Nazi are two very important things! lmao! that easily contradict this. Ivanka, Trumps daughter is married to a Jewish man, and Yet Hitler hated the Jews and killed millions of them! So where is thee logic there in general?
and 2. That being a Nazi and Socialism go hand in hand easily. So where thee Democrats every come off as calling Trump a Nazi, is so radically insane and pathetically stupid, that it should make anyone with common sense, logic and morality, just say ■■■ are you talking about Democrats? lol. I mean really!?
I beg any of you that believe thee Democrats on this subject to simply go look up thee Definition of what a Nazi is??? I want you to seek thee truth out for yourselves! Please!?

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Because calling the free press an “enemy of the people” is something that even Hitler and Stalin wouldn’t do, right?

Donald Trump chooses to use the same fake orange spray tan that Hitler used. If you ask me, that is the biggest mistake of his presidency.


So, to recap…

Karl Rove grew up during the time of the Cold War? True.

That is a phrase that was used by Stalin against the enemies of the Communist regime? True.

Rove thinks the President would be well advised to tone down the rhetoric? Opinion.

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here? That people are only capable of knowing things during the time they are alive as adults?

He’s the one who used his formative years as a way to lend weight to his opinion.

I grew up during the Cold War and I don’t believe trump has killed anywhere near as many of his own people as joseph stalin did, so…

No comparison. Look at me, I’m experting!


There goes Rove inciting violence again.

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Not gonna click an infowars link.

Not to mention, saying he used a similar phrase isn’t remotely calling him Stalin.

Your comparison is valid, as Trump has not killed as many of his people as Stalin. But that does not negate Rove’s comparison, that Trump’s rhetoric is similar in nature to that of Stalin’s rhetoric. But nice try at deflecting. :+1:

Goes crazy??? CNN has been crazy for quite some time! :sunglasses:


oh, he’s definitely a hate leader. he’s not Hitler though.

You people are no longer credible.

Remember the outrage when Trump referred to third world people people living in huts ?


Did anyone notice that in JFK’s famous "ask not what your country can do for you " inauguration speech, he used the same word to refer to the living conditions of the people in half the globe?

Using your logic… we should say Trump’s rhetoric is similar in nature to JFK’s.

A news organization using sensational language to get more people to read their story??? That has never happened in the history of mankind!!!

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The fake news network CNN hits yet another low

^^^^What more evidence does one need than that right there that Brian Stelter is right^^^^


Man oh man…and here I’m still waiting on Karl Rove to be indicted.

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Proving once again Trumplicans have no critical thinking skills.


To be clear, CNN did not compare Trump to Hitler.

Hitler and Eisenhower both supported large government projects building road systems. True.
Its a fair comparison.
The same old everyone I don’t like is Hitler (or Stalin) theme. They may have both said bad things about the media of their time. So did Obama when it came to Fox news (or “fake news”…yes he started that). The point is ridiculous because Trump has never made one move or suggestion of a move of involving the government in doing anything to control or stop the media.