CNN goes crazy - accuses President Trump of being "hate leader" and compares him to Hitler


Oh goodness. It is I who owes you the apology. I’m so sorry DMK. :pensive:


No, Trump calls them Fake News because they say negative things about him. He’s even tweeted that.


Nope. I misread your post. I owe YOU an apology. If you would be so gracious as to accept, then we are good!


No, he calls them fake news because they produce fake news. CNN leads the pack in trotting out fake news.


No, he calls them fake because they said negative things about him. He’s tweeted that himself.


What ever gets you through the day.


Right? So now the need is to trot out everyone and their brother to deflect. Well… Karl Rove… Well… so and so… and then everyone goes down a rabbit hole. The topic IS Stelter, a representative and host of CNN stating Trump is a Leader of HATE MOVEMENT.

Address the topic.


you have not shown any such dang thing

didnt say a dictator, but you keep referring to “dear leader” over and over. as though he’s a… dictator

you dont seem to actually know what happens between actual dictators (who btw is not George bush and anyone in the gop like your were taught in 6th grade) and the media


We are good my dear. :slight_smile:


Another hypocritical county heard from.


just scream “hypocrisy” when you have nothing else

if that doesn’t work scream “nazi” like @lulubee



Dude, you were ready to burn your passport over Obama saying “ass” on television.

Don’t worry, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t think you’re lying now, I think you were simply looking for anything, anything at all to complain about when the president was a Democrat because you’re a total partisan hack.


So most of his supporters are haters?


i dont think you get it. still

it wasnt because obama “swore” that i reacted (although i prefer he didnt) it was because no one gave a damn that he did after making him out to be the next demosthenes.

and heh, do you really want to talk about people wanting to “burn their passports?”

media freakouts on election night…

innaug day outright wailing in broad daylight…

hitlernazihitlernaziracisthitlernazi day in day out…



There was a time when the press didn’t pretend to be unbiased. There were opposing sides and opposing press in practically every town in the country.

During that time lawyering was the more noble of the two professions.

The press decided they wanted the prestige the legal profession had. So they created the image of “government watch dog” and “just the facts.”

And now it would appear the tide has turned.

The press is as power hungry and any group on earth. They fancy themselves kingmakers and always have.

They are another necessary evil. Caveat emptor


How else would you have me describe your unwavering fealty to the man? You defend him in such a manner.

When did I claim GW was a dictator? My 6th grade civics teacher was also my vice principal, and he was a VERY good teacher. You’d definitely approve. Very old school. It was a very educational class.

ACTUAL dictators control the message by shutting down the opposition. Do you think Trump is just tweaking us all, a la El Rushbo, when he ponders whether CNN should lose their license because they pick on El Presidente Snowflake? Or when he tried to damage Amazon because he’s throwing a tantrum because the dude who owns Amazon also owns a media outlet that says meanyhead things about Dear Leader?

Don’t crawl so much.



Its not a matter of defending him “no matter what”. Its a matter of defending him from making Stalin like attacks on the press when he has done no such thing. You can tell the difference by CNN not being covered in blood by government agents. Instead, Trump just gave his opinion. See the difference?


Junk journalists coming out of schools fashioned after the hacks Bernstein and Woodward who literally did NO investigation at all on Watergate and were just spoon fed by a high ranking FBI official. There was corruption in the FBI then and it looks like history is repeating itself.