CNN goes crazy - accuses President Trump of being "hate leader" and compares him to Hitler


Dear Leader thanks you for your service and fealty, Comrade Dough!


I will accept that as a concession on the point since you have nothing left but snark.


That’s the moral of this thread.

On second thought, that’s the moral of most threads these days.


You used to be so concerned about rhetoric from the president. Wonder what happened.


What else is there to discuss? You stated a standard, I showed how Trump has met that standard, then you moved the goalpost.

You always manage to find a way to defend him no matter what, so what other word than “fealty” do you find appropriate to describe the Trump leg tingle that you’ve got? You HAVE to defend him-after all, he has the R after his name.


No need to wonder. Trump has R after his name, and he became president, so Doug is obligated to defend defend defend no matter what! Rush and Fox have conditioned their most avid listeners and followers to be loyal little GOP soldiers.


Pretty sure Obama was called The Anti-Christ, and then some, sooo…


B-b-b-b-b-but people called Bush “shrub” so Obama deserved it.


How many people watch CNN? How many people who watch CNN know who Karl Rove is? If they do know who he is how many care what he has to say unless they agree with him?


My post clearly was not understood by you. That is okay though. :slight_smile:


don’t like the president punching back at the idiot news media huh?


and man am i thankful a president came along who finally pushed back on the press like a man concerned for what really is

i never thought id see this or this would even happen

the left hates hates HATES this so bad they have to pretend hes shutting down opposing speech and recruiting “nazi” like followers


Obama was excoriated for pushing back against Fox’s hateful drivel against him.

But it’s strange. You said he is concerned for “what really is” but what we objectively know is that he lies constantly. How can you trust such a dishonest man to tell you what is truth and what isn’t? Look, get get it. The R after his name is all you need.

What the left does or feels is of no consequence to me.

TRUMP himself is creating a narrative that a media outlet should potentially lose its ability to exist because it says mean things about him. That is NOT how this country works-that’s how the countries of dictators work. And it’s got your seal of approval.


My apologies. I meant no disrespect.


you think he lies so you think he actually wants to shut down news. how solid!

and now he’s a dictator to boot

good angle


No need for that brother. All is well. :slight_smile:


I don’t think he lies. He lies, and that’s a fact. Over and over and over. He can’t help it.

Whether he wants to shut down news is irrelevant to what I’ve said in this thread. Doug said he hasn’t suggested it, and I’ve shown Trump’s own words suggesting it.

I never called him a dictator-I stated that countries with dictators attempt to control the media because the media may say things about deal leader that dear leader doesn’t like.

Trump considers “fake news” to be negative things said about him, and he’s attempting to influence the failure of said media because he doesn’t like it.


LOL. Will you take conservative, female, business owner, job creator who rejects the “you didn’t build that” philosophy?



Ten thousand words


Fake news is called that because they produce fake news.